1. Cinnamon_Girl

    Back After Long Break

    :D Hello, I am returning after a long break. I was thinking about looking for x staff member friends and maybe getting together. Anybody who have left from Sacramento org, either staff or public, pm me.
  2. Natalie

    #StaffLife Scientology asking you to share your experiences.

    Someone pointed out to me that in the "Scientologists" facebook page they are sharing that people on twitter and facebook should use the hashtag #StaffLife in their posts to share what life is like for staff members. Please get on twitter and facebook and share your experience:eyeroll: Be sure...
  3. lotus

    Hubbard's gifts for christmas (staff)

    Lrh was truly generous for staff who work for pennies a week! 1) there was only very few CSW approved for spending Christmas eve or day with our family. Per LRH HCOPL there would be production and one would be responsible for stat crashing in his area So it was mandatory the staff...
  4. failboat

    Obamacare and Health Insurance for Sea Org & Staff (USA)

    Hello ESMB I normally reside at WWP. I am crossposting this OP and some posts from a thread I started over on WWP a few weeks ago. If I get enough interest and requests, I will reproduce all of the important dox/links/quotes from there over here in this thread, in subsequent posts...
  5. TG1

    Scientology Staff and Public Caste Systems

    An ESMB friend and I were talking recently about back the day when we were living in the World of Scientology. She was Sea Org, and I was public. While we were chatting, she said that when she was staff she “never liked public.” She went on to say that “... and if you think staff didn’t...
  6. ScienceNotScientology

    A Different Viewpoint

    So now that I've been studying real science - not going to state which one but only to say its health/medical/human related in the aspect I study it in and I sit as a student representative on a national board so I've an "intermediate-level" background from which to speak from. I'm no David...
  7. Jim Little

    Is the St Louis Org at the breaking point?

    Do we have any St Louis Org staff or public lurking here because you finally applied the doubt formula? Are you finally at your breaking point with the endless fundraising for donations which they are now calling gifts? Its hard to resolve your doubts and confusions because you are not...
  8. S

    I still have nightmares, a year later.

    I left Scientology as a staff member about a year ago, and I still have weekly nightmares about being back on staff. Sometimes they are about things I experienced while on staff, and sometimes I find myself back on staff knowing that I had once left. I generally feel a lot of anxiety in these...
  9. Jim Little

    Message To The St Louis Org 2012

    Dear Staff & Public of the St Louis Org, Its been 1 year and 9 months since our family resigned from your organization, and 1 year and 5 months since you declared us suppressive people, and told all the members of your organization to stop associating with us in any way. Then almost a year...
  10. M

    My story: staff 2004-2011 at Jo'burg and Flag

    Hello! I recently joined ESMB and have been encouraged to post my experiences as a staff member (October 2004 – July 2011) in South Africa. To be honest, I wasn't too keen to do so, as I knew it would take some time and I felt the need to get on with creating a future. But a part of that means...
  11. Zhent

    Leak: Melbourne Staff 2011 (LOTS OF IMAGES)

    Warning: This thread may take a while to load, if you are on dial-up or have a slow computer give up now! An incomplete list of Melbourne Ideal Org (Day & FDN) staff and relevant promo. Warning: Wall of promo may make some nauseous. Really tragic to see so many young people on this...
  12. thetanic

    Marcia Clark and Her New Book

    This interview mentions her Scn history. It also mentions her burnout after the OJ trial. Anyone know if she's still in?