1. R

    Searching for Information on grandfather

    It seems strange referring to him as my grandfather as we never met, but I am seeking information on behalf of my mother and my aunt. My grandfather, William David Westman, supposedly committed suicide in 1977 (possibly 1978) a couple of years after joining Scientology, and I was recently told...
  2. Free to shine

    A story of Disconnection, neglect and suicide in scientology

    I'm starting this thread in this forum as overall it shows the devastation disconnection and 'scientology handling' and the fear of talking causes within familes. It's a harrowing read and there are thousands of stories with the same themes. It happened, it happens, it has to stop...
  3. R

    Was Sawyer Sweeten a Scientologist? (actor on Everybody Loves Raymond) I know many of the cast of Everybody Loves Raymond are/were Scientologists. Does anybody know if Sawyer Sweeten was in the cult? If so, is this another suicide of a cult member?
  4. S

    Death of Johnny Lewis, actor

    Death of Jonathan ('Johnny') Lewis. Ex-Narconon, relapsed addict, Scientologist. Another Jeremy Perkins nice mess for the cult if all the clues lead where I expect they do...
  5. mnql1

    HELP the Investigation into the Gloria Lopez suicide

    Translation of a French article posted on Feb. 7, 2012 on the website: Une enquête sur le suicide d'une adepte de la Scientologie classée sans suite
  6. AnonKat

    Big "Why Are They Dead?" video Post

    YouTube - Why Are They Dead