1. J

    Hello - new here

    Hello everyone. I met with someone who told me about this community after I told him I felt I was being followed/harassed. And now I am here. I was never a member of the Church of Scientology, but I have always been critical since I first found out about Scientology. There is a comment I made...
  2. catfood

    Suppressive auditors?

    There is a phenomenon among some auditors, that I consider a huge problem. Maybe it is not problem for anybody else, maybe just for a few persons in the world, but for me, definitely. I have exceptionally hard case, that many auditor couldn't deal with successfully. My problems are also...
  3. G

    Scientology's Suppressive Person Policies speech and links.

    How the Scientology Organization deals with external criticism, illustrated by the example of the Anonymous Movement in the U.S.A. The text, the video links and my picture link are available at Graham E. Berry or at