1. Free to shine

    How Tom Cruise became so hated in Hollywood

    Good overview article! Cruise's glory days are over. Read More:
  2. L

    Suri to be a Catholic

    Woman's Day in Australia Monday March 18, 2013 It’s the last thing Tom expected, and it’s what will hurt him the most. HENRY MELLER reveals Katie’s latest move against her ex. You could quite fairly assume that after her leaving and subsequent slaying of her ex-hubby in the divorce...
  3. What's It All About

    Is Tom really going to have to testify in court for his lawsuit? "TOP Gun star Tom Cruise is to be quizzed in court about life as a Scientologist in a legal battle with two American magazines, writes Mike Parker. The actor has filed a £31million lawsuit against In Touch and Life & Style over claims he has...
  4. What's It All About

    Countdown: Days since Tom has seen Suri (a suppressive six-year-old?)

    From August 16 to November 2nd is 79 days. But he hasn't abandoned her! He's just protecting himself from all the suppressive influences that she might reveal when they see each other again. Why, the doting dad. He even let his baby go through a hurricane without him. Tough, brave daddy to...