1. Miss Ellie

    Tax Return for Mr. & Mrs. DM?

    This is a stupid question but is the tax return for David public or private since he is paid by a non-profit? If public and he posts a joint return - would an address for Shelly have to be given?? If he does married but files separate returns then what address does she file from??? I was...
  2. ScienceNotScientology

    Revoke Scientology's tax exempt status

    Okay put your John/Jane Doe where your mouths (or computers) are! Sign the "We the People" petition with you: You'll have to use your REAL name. I did, do you dare? :happydance:
  3. R

    Just In: Scientology cult loses Canada Tax Court battle <snip> A Canadian taxpayer who made $24,800 in charitable donations to the International Association of Scientologists has been denied tax credits by the Tax Court of Canada because the IAS is not a registered...
  4. Jim Little

    St Louis Idle Org - You Need To Pay Your 2011 Taxes $53,485.67 You guys paid 1.9 million for this building in 2007, and now it appears to be worth 1.5 million. I would assume that every year...
  5. AnonKat

    Scientologists saving 'nearly £2m' on London rate relief - Camden tight lipped

    COMMENTS NEEDED Comment by Scientologist TAX THE CULT