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  1. C

    Tom Cruise is Looking Out for Your Home Media Experience

    No couch-hopping enthusiasm but still oozing sincerity ... You can't handle video interpolation The Guardian (UK) puts a positive spin on this utterance, even while mentioning Xenu but not forced abortions or disconnection.
  2. Karen#1

    Tom Cruise ~~~ more about

    15 Reasons Proving Tom Cruise Lost Touch With Reality
  3. johnAnchovie

    Address to the Cork Humanists Society on the 2nd of June 2013

    For those who do not follow Karen's 'Outer Banks FB group: This is the text of a little presentation I made a few years ago. I cannot stomach toiling through Mark Rathbun's apologetics so will plonk this down here as a counterpoint to the mush he makes available to the ex-cult diaspora...
  4. L

    TC mum dies

    According to People, Mary Lee South, the mother of Tom Cruise, has passed away at 80. The publication has revealed that Mary died peacefully in her sleep last week and was given a memorial service at Tom’s local Church of Scientology this past weekend. Reports suggest that Tom and his...
  5. Free to shine

    How Tom Cruise became so hated in Hollywood

    Good overview article! Cruise's glory days are over. Read More:
  6. L

    Why TC runs

    Why Tom Cruise runs in his movies, according to "Family Guy" Show.
  7. mnql1

    Tom Cruise in Bogota on July 4, 2015 for Church of Scientology opening

    The Colombian entertainment TV show "La Red" reports that Tom Cruise will be in Bogota on July 4 for the inauguration of a Church of Scientology. This is briefly mentioned at 1:38:09-1:40:15 in the video posted online (in Spanish). La Red, May 31, 2015 The cohost who reported Tom Cruise's...
  8. mnql1

    French film director says Tom Cruise is "dumb as a cigar"

    Jean-Pierre Mocky, a French film director, actor, screenwriter and producer, recently published a book titled Je vais encore me faire des amis! ("I'm going to make some more friends!"), in which he writes candidly and with humor about persons he has encountered throughout his life. In a section...
  9. Free to shine

    Tom DeVocht reveals new info about Tom Cruise and David Miscavige

    New article about the relationship between Miscavige and Tom Cruise.
  10. R

    The Daily Beast has a new article on Tom Cruise and Scientology This may be covering old news for the people who have been fighting the cult, but here it is on a very popular news site. The comments by and large are well informed.
  11. K

    Tom Cruise villain or victim of scientology

    Hi everybody i am completly new to this forum and wanted to ask a question that bothers me is in you opinion Cruise a victim who is spied upon, unable to cut off his ties from scientology or is he a villain using sea org members as his private slaves and getting profits from being scientology...
  12. Jump

    Tom Cruise is reportedly dating Miranda Kerr

    From I hope her teeth are straight.
  13. DM_Slappface

    Helping Tom Cruise Leave Scientology (This Year) for the Sake of his Daughter

    The man who introduced me to SCN reminds me a lot of David Miscavige. We were best friends at one time (for a long time), and I can understand how hard it is for Tom Cruise to break away from DM. Tom is currently getting some space - working on his career. This is giving him the opportunity to...
  14. Lulu Belle

    Tom Cruise $50 Million Lawsuit: Magazine Publisher Wants HIM To Pay Their Legal Fees

    ouchie. :unsure: I guess the best defense is a good offense. Like I said earlier, Bauer is doing a great job of turning lemons into lemonade... (excerpt) Tom Cruise’s legal troubles are getting...
  15. AnonKat

    Ex-Scientologist story #249, “Thanks for the PORN you cowards.”
  16. Xenu's Boyfriend

    Tom, Tom, Tom - Tom Cruise Deposed

    I just saw this online - I don't know if anyone else has posted it. Highlights from the Tom Cruise deposition. Looks like Tom is talking crazy again, and TMZ confirms that Suri is NOT in the Church of Scientology.
  17. Smurf

    Tom Cruise has royally pissed off our veterans..

    I have been posting on all the veteran's groups that I can think off.... Fox News, CNN & MSNBC are all over it...
  18. R

    Scientology David Miscavige and Tom Cruise publicly slammed by Brad Halsey in news "Tonight, Independent Scientologist, Brad Halsey, slammed David Miscavige and Tom Cruise for destroying lives and families -- leading the faithful flock down a path of deceit and even a Ponzi...
  19. AnonKat

    Scientology leader David Miscavige on ABC Nightline
  20. NoName

    Another TC girlfriend audition hits the press

    Read the whole story here:
  21. AnonKat

    Hollywood's break-up with Scientology

    "You don't have the f***ing rank": Hollywood's break-up with Scientology MUST READ ARTICLE: CLICK LINK...
  22. AnonKat

    Slappys Dream
  23. AnonKat

    David Miscavige - Wiki Article
  24. J

    Was Nicole was afraid to leave Tom alone Connor?

    Tom Cruise’s second wife afraid to leave him alone with their adopted son, Connor? Of course. Don’t believe me.. Ask Nicole Kidman Is Tom Cruise a Gay Paedophile? Posted by admin On June - 10 - 2013...
  25. J


    TOM CRUISE PEDOPHILE ALLEGATIONS. Please watch this video from 29:46 for the allegation. Ben Fellows, who has since vanished from the face of the earth, alledges that at 14 when he was a child actor, went to a casting followed by a private casting for Mr Cruise where COCAINE and alcohol were...
  26. johnAnchovie

    An address to The Cork Humanist Society regarding Scientology and False memory etc.

    I gave an address to the Cork Humanist Society yesterday afternoon. It went rather well. It is far too long to post here directly so I have posted the link to my website where the full briefing can be read at your leisure. Happy reading. :eyeroll:
  27. C

    Cruise's Daughter reconnecting with Nicole Kidman Your thoughts? Will this lead some where? :yes:
  28. What's It All About

    Putting the lie to " know you're the only one who can really help."

    Tom Cruise: "When you're a Scientologist, and you drive by an accident, you know you have to do something about it, because you know you're the only one who can really help." You're going to have to eat those words, Tom. How's about a nice thread showing how other people "really help"? Take...
  29. What's It All About

    'Going Clear' Author Lawrence Wright Calls on Celebrity Members to Reform Scientology

    I'm afraid that Lawrence Wright is being naïve about the power of Tom C. and John T. to create real reform. I think the only reform would be pro forma - like Hubbard's "canceling" disconnection but being perfectly clear that the policy would remain in force. The celebrities have no moral...
  30. What's It All About

    Tom wants YOU, Britney Spears

    "Months after her 2007 meltdown, Britney Spears was asked to join Scientology.Now, after splitting with her man Jason Trawick, Brit, 31, has again been invited to join... by none other than Tom Cruise." She may be crazy, but I hope she's sane enough to avoid this trap, if it's true: Read more...