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  1. Free to shine

    James Packer & Mariah Carey - did Tommy Davis influence the break-up?

    I didn't find another thread on this so I will start one. Scientology doing what it does best. Tony Ortega had an article on this a while back...
  2. A

    Go big or go home!

    Hey again! I rarely post but I'm always here, and always fascinated by your stories from in and outside of $cientology. I have to say, as a "never in", I have a ton of respect for everyone on this board. You're truly a courageous bunch. So when I first joined, I put it out there that I'd be...
  3. AnonKat

    Ex-Scientologist story #249, “Thanks for the PORN you cowards.”
  4. Poison Ivy

    A Coup Against Miscavige if Tommy Tells the Truth?

    Hello ESMB peeps. I'm a never-in who has lurked here for a while; a reader and commenter over at VV/The Bunker for much longer. I wanted to post a question that has me intrigued: Could Tommy Davis' testimony in the Mosey case - if it is truthful - trigger the dismantling of the entire...
  5. C

    Anne Archer is doing a play in Santa Monica

    Written and directed by husband Terry Jastrow, "Jane Fonda in the Court of Public Opinion" deals with Jane Fonda confronting military veterans and protesters in Connecticut while filming a movie in the '80's. The show is reportedly opening at a 99-seat theatre in Santa Monica. Written by...
  6. AnonKat

    Michael Fairman
  7. C

    Tommy Davis' Stepdad Invites YOU to the Scn Acting School

    THE ACTING CENTER: The Scientology Acting School- Promo (attached) HOLLYWOOD, CA- A 'night of scenes' directed by 'Emmy Award Winner' Terry Jastrow- husband of Anne Archer and stepdad of the Scientology PR man Tommy Davis opens and closes this weekend Dec 10 and 11. It is true, Terry did win...
  8. Scn.Hun

    Tommy Davis says Disconnection is a COS policy!!!!!

    Crossposting from WWP:
  9. Anonycat

    Anonymous Video - Tommy Davis, Madman!

    Tommy shows what it takes to be the spokesperson for the fastest growing religion on the planet! Caution: Tommy is a pottymouth, do not play with children present.
  10. Free to shine

    Jason Beghe to Scientology Mouthpiece Tommy Davis: 'You're Losing Your Soul' Jason Beghe to Scientology Mouthpiece Tommy Davis: 'You're Losing Your Soul' Scientology defector Jason Beghe on Scientology spokesman Tommy Davis: "You see the eyes, the lying that he’s doing. Anybody can...