1. wiseman_of_the_watchtower

    My experience in Scn and the Sea Org - video interview

    To answer a bunch of important questions about my life in Scn and the Sea Org, I met with a member of Anonymous, TorontosRoot, to record the answers in a video interview. The interview took place on 20 Sept 2018.
  2. kao

    20/20 Leah Remini video on youtube for those that missed it last nite.
  3. Isene

    Video: J. Swift interviews Geir Isene (the full interview)

    I released the full interview I did this summer over at Karen's on my blog/YouTube channel: Blog post: Video:
  4. JBWriter

    Scientology's Hubbard Interview - April 1966

    59 of the creepiest minutes my eyes/ears have ever experienced. YMMV. JB
  5. JBWriter

    Scientology Early Film - Video

    Those who were Co$ members in the 80's/90's may recall seeing this: Was this played inside Co$ buildings for members and/or people who expressed interest in joining? JB.
  6. JBWriter

    Albuquerque, NM -- April 2013 -- Scientology Org Is A Mess.

    See for yourself. :itstrue: Vid from April 5, 2013: (If you have a kazoo, play along w/the music. Fun!) index=2 Here a vid from August 27, 2012 - a mess then, too...
  7. JBWriter

    Manchester UK - Tony Lee January 2013 Video

    Tony & Sue Lee have worked for a number of years to persuade their adult daughter, Becky, to leave CO$. I'd seen a few of Tony's videos and was pleased to view one dated 2010 where Tony explained that Becky had, in fact, left CO$. Last night, I found Tony's most recent video and post it here...
  8. AnonyMary

    The Truth About Scientology - funny video by OGFurious, "The Original Gangster "

    I happened upon this while on Facebook. Funny guy, lol The Truth About Scientology by OGFurious, "The Original Gangster ", From France Uploaded on Mar 2, 2011 OGFurious LOL!
  9. AnonyMary

    Anyone know the guy in this 2006 anti-Scientology video?

    One of my favorite critic videos. Say NO to Scientology Uploaded by pixelpet on Jul 5, 2006 It came out in 2006, so it was a very brave and important thing to see. I have always wondered who this familiar...
  10. Zhent

    'Cults in Australia' - CIFS Conference 2011 - FULL VIDEOS

    Its finally here! On Wednesday, 2nd November Cult Information and Family Support (CIFS) held its 2011 conference in Parliament House, Canberra. The topic of the conference was cults in Australia: Facing the realities. Speakers at the conference came from a variety of backgrounds including...
  11. Magoo

    IS this Gilman Hot Springs in 1979???

    Someone sent me these links..and we're wondering IF anyone can confirm this IS the building of Gilman Hot Springs or not. Here ya go: Also, here's one more w/ the title being his Sea Org Buddies. Again, anyone recognize...
  12. Anonyma5k

    Goofy Promotional Video / Slightly Doctored for Comedic Effect
  13. gridlock

    Video of a Speech from Melbourne Protest (12th February) Speech by Epic of Melbourne Anonymous. Bourke Street, Melbourne. February 12, 2011.
  14. Anonycat

    Behind it All (Scientology)!
  15. Anonycat

    Video: Behind it All.
  16. Ulf K. Maier


    Hello, all :hattip: This is not a troll :) Originally found in Also for those who don't care to read the WWP thread...
  17. Mest Lover

    The Scientology Rating System.

    Let us start the new Bridge Rating System. Just saw a video that was on a par that I feel was really worth watching. We can help rate these Anti-Scn or even SCN videos with our own system. Though I was a Sea Organization member, I have a hard time classifying myself as an actual...
  18. Anonycat

    Anonymous Video - Tommy Davis, Madman!

    Tommy shows what it takes to be the spokesperson for the fastest growing religion on the planet! Caution: Tommy is a pottymouth, do not play with children present.