1. Isene

    Video: J. Swift interviews Geir Isene (the full interview)

    I released the full interview I did this summer over at Karen's on my blog/YouTube channel: Blog post: Video:
  2. JBWriter

    Scientology As A Business - Wikipedia Page April 2013

    Opening paragraph: Link to page: *This thread may belong in "Media Reports" or "Current Management" - wasn't sure which. JB.
  3. C

    New Gold Base article on Wikipedia

    Following my write-up of The Hole (Scientology), which will be on Wikipedia's front page in a few hours, I've tackled the much bigger topic of Gold Base itself - it's quite a long piece, so make sure you've got a cup of coffee in your hand first! The new article is at...
  4. C

    Affirmations - new Wikipedia article

    I've written a new Wikipedia article on Hubbard's notorious "Affirmations" - something which I've been itching to cover for years. It's at Enjoy!
  5. C

    The Hole on Wikipedia

    I've not written much about Scientology for ages, but occasionally one comes across something so outrageous that it just deserves to be written about... hence a new article on Wikipedia on "The Hole" at Gold Base in California. It's in draft at the moment - see...
  6. M

    My Wikipedia Page

    Dear Scientology, please keep your editors away from my Wikipedia Page. This morning, quite by accident, I found that everything regarding my book "Naked in the Spotlight" ( had been edited to suit Scientology's PR purposes. Forget it, Scientology, it ain't gonna...