1. Magoo

    The Internet IS $cientology's Vietnam

    :omg: Back in the "old days"...1969-1999......Literally NO ONE had access to the Internet w/in $cientology, except for some peeps in OSA. IF you were a member and spoke to ANY "SP"(suppressive person) you were automatically declared SP yourself, thus losing all of your friends, family, etc...
  2. AnonyMary

    Lisa McPherson died 14 Years Ago Today

    December 5, 1995 Let's remember Scientologist Lisa McPherson, who died at the hands of Scientology 14 Years Ago Today. Scientology: 17 Days - Lisa McPherson XENUTV 1/17/98 - A look at the 17 days that cost Lisa her life. Includes a classic appearance of nutty church leader, Rev. Heber...