1. Mest Lover

    Are you looking for Scientology?

    This message board can help you with that. Here are some Scientology phone numbers: 323-960-3500 323-953-3396 323-953-3461 323-580-5513 0207 2462700 0207 2622000 0207 6369871 0207 6369874 However, while you are here, please read this forum and find out what others discovered...
  2. Papabear

    Homosexuals- Treatment of in Scientology

    Hello Y'all! I would like a little help regarding the pic of gays in Scientology. This subject has been brought up to me by a Scn friend, and I am looking for additional first hand data. I will post a couple of quotes from the email I got and if anyone has any personal experiences about it...