‘Aftermath’ subject Brandon Reisdorf arrested for entering San Diego Scientology church

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‘Aftermath’ subject Brandon Reisdorf arrested for entering San Diego Scientology church

[Brandon Reisdorf]

It pains us to report that Brandon Reisdorf, who we got to know from his appearance in the first season of Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, has been arrested again, this time for attempting to enter Scientology’s church in San Diego.

According to the San Diego Sheriff’s Department, Brandon was arrested on[.......]

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Gold Meritorious Patron

I wanted to add some important information regarding Brandon Residorf.
Brandon was a 3rd generation and had signed on to be San Diego staff.
One of the things that occurred was Brandon was talked into putting $60,000
on credit cards (raised credit limit, new credit cards) by the sales "Regges" in San Diego Org which he agreed to in a weak moment.
On Staff pay this was an impossible debt to honor and precipitated his emotional meltdown.
"Introspection Rundown" was enforced on him.
As reported by Rolling Stone Magazine on the Brandon story:
<<<<<<<<Scientologists who are going through a particularly rough time – what psychiatric professionals would call a psychotic break – supposedly should go through the “Introspection Rundown,” which allegedly requires participants to submit themselves to the control of a “Case Supervisor.” During the rundown, participants are supposedly isolated “from all sources of potential spiritual upset” including family and friends, but “specifically consent to Church members being with [them] 24 hours a day” for as long as the supervisor believes their case requires. >>>>>>>>
This made Brandon WORSE. Far Worse.
The cult, instead of some understanding, empathy, kindness, love, on a former San Diego staff member, took his reckless incident of throwing a hammer to a window at Los Angeles Org filed charges on him attacking "a place of worship" This is the charge filed.

Worship ?
The most greedy money grabbing building in Los Angeles.
Cult crimes including sending people into full blown mental breakdowns such as Scott Campbell, Nancy Many, Maureen Bolstad and a host of others on every continent, including OT 8s, and it files criminal charges and gets a staff member locked up for being in the perimeter of the San Diego Org. He violated a court order but did not do any vandalism, did not disturb the peace......So he is in jail now.

How very ecclesiastical.
It is no wonder that the cult of Scientology is the most despised and deplored Cult. My contempt.



Gold Meritorious Patron
I think I've become quite desensitized to the bs that comes out of the CoS but every time I see them call an org a "place of worship" it gets my blood boiling. I'd love someone to catch a scientologist on camera and ask them who the f*ck they worship.