10/25/14 - 10/26/14: Scientology IAS Anniversary Event in Los Angeles on LRH Way!


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Breaking news . . . a special correspondent has just confirmed the venue for next years's 31st IAS gala event.


You know that those things always smell of urine.

Also, it would double as a super powers building. Pretty sure Clark Kent used those.


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You mean all remaining Scientologists worldwide are gathered together for a gargantuan game of Musical Chairs and Queen's Greatest Hits is played?

Or do I have an MU and you meant Musical Chairs is played with Scientology's remaining celebrities and Greatest Queens?


Queens Greatest Hits, I didn't make it up, I tell ya! LOL.

Still don't believe a cult could be that insane? Check out "The Hole" on wiki (see subsection: "Origins of the Hole").​

(Yeah, okay, I know I am going to lose my eternity for posting that, so what? LOL)


I hadn't considered option 2, but did you notice that at the super powers building opening gala, JT and TC were the only prominent scielebs? And Tom Cruise's date was that old guy with a cane?

You might be onto something there.