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Squirrel Extraordinaire
I didn't look deeply, is there a module for the "examiner" and "attestation" cycle? A module that asks, "please look at the index card and read what it says". "Would you like to attest to that"? "Would you like others to experience similar gains"?

You may be joking, and mostly, no, there isn't. But I did include one at the end of Expanded ARC S/W. I haven't included the notes here except for the first page. They do actually make sense, and leave it up to the user what to attest to (or not) and whether to write a success story or not and why to do it (or not).

http://www.paulsrobot.com/node/1296 says:


Official End Phenomenon
All right! Please read the Official End Phenomenon for the Grade of ARC Straightwire (Recall Release):
Knows he/she won't get any worse.​

Alternative End Phenomenon
And here is the Alternative End Phenomenon for the Grade of ARC Straightwire (Recall Release):
Feels good about the auditing received on this level and has had pretty good wins at recalling things.​

Weasel End Phenomenon
OK. I got through that one. Next?​

"Excellent. Do you have any doubts or reservations about attesting to your ARC Straightwire being complete?"​

"Very good. Then you may attest. Write the appropriate words on your report form."​

"Great. Would you like to write a success story?"

"Thank you for your success story. Would you want someone else to have similar gains to yours?"

Didn't the C of S ever send you cease and desist letters, from the wondrous Moxon & Kobran, to demand that you STOP "using their copyrighted materials"?
Nope, not a peep. Though I do reference the Clearbird versions throughout and not CofS versions, although sometimes this is a distinction without a difference.

I think you should do modules with "CMO missionaires" too. Pictures of little 14-year old girls in cute little outfits yelling "Ron says you are an asshole!" And, assorted other modules for key "admin executives". The exec would ask you a question or give you an order, you respond, and then it YELLS, "knock off the backflash"!

This could be so much fun.

A module for gang-bang sec-checking, where the most common procedure is the "murder routine".

A module that involves images of many people hip-hip-hooraying in unison, and of course, the "client" could and would join in! Until F/N VGIs.
Be my guest.

But I wouldn't add that to PaulsRobot. I'm a serious researcher, you know. :)


I told you I was trouble

Suspended animation
I used your robot when I was first 'out' and very upset due to being disconnected from ... it was cool, it relieved some of the upset for a little while and it certainly didn't hurt me or try and reg me for further services or flog me silly books!

What I really liked about it though Paul was that I was fully in control and could walk away at any point.

I would never use it again because I am properly out now and the scio words etc would annoy me ... but you offer it freely and you don't try and shove it down anyone's throat in a guru like manner and for that alone I thank you.

I feel you offer it as a gift for those that may be newly out (of scio) but in need of something yet don't know where to go, as I once was.