11 December 2010 Europe Anonymous Protests






Hey everyone,
while “everybody” was talking about Wikileaks, we in Berlin also did our monthly demonstration against Scientology. It was really not a weather for something like that – melting snow, rain and rough wind. But we did it anyway, with 13 Anons altogether and under the motto: Family-march. After all its December: the month of the family gatherings: Christmas, Chanukka, Silvester and so on. And we all know that Scientologists did not have any real family: parents disconnect their children, brothers disconnect sisters, families in the cult did not have real feelings for each other, friends are no real friends and so on. So we thought that it would be the best time of the year to remind Scientologists that there is still hope and love out their. (Again: a message that apply for Christmas, Chanukka, Silvester...)


[Even our Kröte got her family with him: Kröte, Kröterich, and Minikröte.]

Hurry up, Ingo
Most funny thing today: It seemed as if Scientology had forgotten, that we are on our way. Or they just did not have enough personal anymore. But only when we came around, the Scifag Ingo started to lean the famous signs against the Org. Usually they are already their when we arrive. So we could applaud Ingo who had to run with the signs out of the Org, back into the Org for more signs... and so one.
(The thing is: Scientology always claims to the police to have an own counter-protest in front of her Org, so the police orders us to go to the other side of the street – because protest and counter-protest should have some place between. But if Scientology fails even to lean sings on the Org before we come around, it will be very hard for them to justify why we should not protest right in front of the Org in future.)


[Ingo places sings in front of the Org. He is lonely, because he has to do this all by himself. (He should call his mother.)]



Listen up
We had two speeches and a list of Scientology-Fails. That’s a new plan: every month we will compile a list with the biggest fail of Scientology in the last month and read it in front of the Org. One of the other speeches told the Scientologists the difference between real Christmas-celebrations and fake celebrations in Scientology, the other speech pointed out, that all the ideas of LRH about how to run a family and a relationship and so on came from a man who did not only married three times (one time illegal) and beat his wife, but who’s children for the biggest part ran away from LRH’s own organization or even committed suicide.
We also had a game, but that would be difficult to explain. (The win was a red and a blue pill. That was the most mentionable thing. Maybe one Anon now sees the reality.)



Happy birthday, dear Sabine Weber, haaaaa-ppy birthday to you.
On another page: It also was the birthday of Sabine Weber, who once was the famous PR-woman for Scientology Germany and head of OSA Berlin, when Project Chanology started (and long before). Now she is degraded heavily, she is no PR-woman for Scientology Germany anymore, even not really for the Berlin Org. She is rarely even seen outside the Org anymore. And no one in the Org will even have thought of her birthday. But we did. Because we are nice, even to a now 51-year old woman who hates us.


[Birthday-ceak for Sabine Weber]


[Sabine, this one is for you.]

At the end we had to eat her birthday-cake because she didn’t came over. But at least she came out of the Org to listen to her birthday song from Anon Berlin. Hopefully she will celebrate her next birthday in freedom.


So, yeah, thats all folks. It was cold and wet – so we didn’t stay long.
But here you have some more pictures: Album - 12/11/2010: Familien-Demo - sevenload
And a video should follow. So stay tuned.


5 december Paris Raid

5 December 2010 Paris raid


Un petit raid dans le froid ce dimanche.

Un membre d'un parti politique qui passait par la nous a soutenu dans nôtre combat.
Nous avons fait ce raid dans un esprit de la blague et du joyeux Noël (alias le R6 implant chez les $cientos), des tracts ont étés faits à cette occasion et les blagues des Anonymous leur ont déplut, bien entendu.

Ce n'est, certes, pas un grand raid mais nos "amis" $cientos étaient passablement sur les nerfs (le caméraman a été bousculé à de nombreuses reprises).

Surement parce qu'il y a 15 ans, Lisa McPherson décédait des suites de mauvais traitements infligés par des membres de la $cientologie (Morte de déshydratation et couverte de morsures de cafards).

Surement aussi parce qu'il y a 29 ans Roger Gonnet les quittait définitivement (ce qui lui valu de nombreux embêtements dont 9 procès).

Et surement aussi parce que ce matin même nos amis $cientos ont été grillés en train de faire de la pub avec des ballons monté sur des voitures !

Dailymotion - RAID PARIS 5 TH DECEMBER - une vidéo News & Politics

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