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1950s letters to the FBI



L. Ron Hubbard secretly reports his wife, Sara, and others, to the FBI:



Below is a sampling of some pages from the many pages of letters sent by L. Ron Hubbard to the FBI during the 1950s. I've seen the photocopies of these letters, and the 2nd and 3rd pages down are missing a paragraph and two lines which were, for some reason, not scanned. I have filled in the missing paragraph and two lines.

The content of these letters ranges from attempts to identify people as Communists, to "explanations" for various things, and an apparent attempt to persuade the FBI to persuade the IRS to not investigate Hubbard and his finances lest Hubbard accept a Soviet offer to fly to Russia and work "for very high fees," etc., to just plain bizarre ramblings.

The letters in their entirety can be accessed if one is curious, but these pages happen to be handy on the Net.


"In the greatest spirit of friendship and camaraderie it seem that I can go to Russia as an advisor or a consultant and have my own laboratories and receive very high fees. And it's all so easy because it's already been ascertained that I could get my passport extended for Russia and all I had to do was go to Paris and there a Russian plane would pick me up and that would be that.

"Indeed that would be that.

"I suppose when the Russian-inclined 'friend' finds that...


A page from another letter of the time period:

Part of a letter from September 1955. Note the reference to LSD.


A few weeks later in September 1955, Hubbard also told Scientologists about the covert use of LSD - the "insanity drug" - to undermine and discredit Scientology.

From the 'Professional Auditors Bulletin' of 30 September 1955:

" I could tell you about long strings of psychotics run in on the Foundation and the Association, sent in to us by psychiatrists who then, using LSD and pain-drug-hypnosis, spun them and told everyone that Dianetics and Scientology drove people insane. I could tell you about the strange politics and ambitions of psychiatry, so well covered in the book Psychopolitics [Hubbard's hoax 'Russian textbook on Pyscho-Politics', which he had just secretly authored and was soon to be published], and give you a proper riddle as to why we, a small group, the only ANGLO-SAXON DEVELOPMENT IN THE FIELD OF THE MIND AND SPIRIT [sic], have been subjected to so much attack and finance... But I am not telling you stories or being dramatic. I am inviting your cooperation in your own future security..."

As for dealing with those whose behavior became erratic or an embarrassment after Scientology processing, Hubbard wrote, in the same 'PAB':

"You'll find the family physician or psychiatrist was called in midway in processing... You'll find there is a vested interest somewhere in the insanity of the person. An so testify that you suspect it. We will have on hand lots of literature on LSD..."

Sixteen years later, Hubbard would write a similar statement, although this one doesn't mention LSD and is more to the point. It has the simple title 'Confidential', and is dated 29 June 1971:

"Policy is that we assign any case or upset in Scientology to past damage and interference with the person by medicine or psychiatry. They were sent into us after medicine or psychiatry had already destroyed them. We cannot be blamed for psychiatric or medical failures."


Dianetics in Limbo, written from the vantage point of 1953, is another window into that time period.


"He [Hubbard] stayed up most of the night with a bottle of rum, which was empty in the morning, and he dictated the whole book, 'Science of Survival', onto little green discs on a recording machine..."​

Richard DeMille, interviewed by Russell Miller:

It's interesting that the genesis of both the Fair Game Law and Disconnection can be found in the book 'Science of Survival'.


According to John Sanborn who was a witness to Hubbard abducting his daughter Alexis in 1951, "Hubbard considered Lexi [Alexis] as a pawn in the game, something he could deny Sara."

Sara holds the distinction of having signed the first coerced "retraction" statement (1951) in Scientology's history:

"I, Sara Northup Hubbard, do hereby state that the things that I have said about L. Ron Hubbard in courts and public prints have been grossly exaggerated or entirely false. I have not at any time believed otherwise than that L. Ron Hubbard was a fine and brilliant man..."​

Shades of Hubbard's description of himself in his 1965 piece 'My Philosophy': "Blinded with injured optic nerves, and lame with physical injuries to hip and back, at the end of World War II, I faced an almost non-existent future. My service record stated, 'This officer has no neurotic or psychotic tendencies of any kind whatsoever', but it also stated, 'permanently physically disabled'."

Letter from Ron Hubbard to 2nd wife Sara, from 1951 (...and, for any rosy cheeked Independent Scientologists out there :eyeroll:, no, Hubbard was not in a Cuban Military Hospital, was not about to be transferred to the States as a classified scientist immune from interference of all kinds, was not paralyzed, did not have trouble moving and was not going blind, and no, the Army and Navy did not have it. For an account of this time, suggest consulting the Richard DeMille interview by Russell Miller.):

"Dear Sara -

"I have been in a Cuban Military Hospital and I am being transferred to the States next week as a classified scientist immune from interference of all kinds though I will be hospitalized probably for a long time. Alexis is getting excellent care. I see here every day. She is all I have to live for. My wits never gave way under all you did and let them do but my body didn't stand up. My right side is paralyzed and getting more so. I have trouble moving and I am going blind. I hope my heart lasts.

"I may live a long time and again I may not. But Dianetics will last 10,000 years for the Army and Navy have it now. But I wanted to be well and strong and I can barely move now."My will is all changed. Alexis will get a fortune unless she goes to you as she would then get nothing.

"Get away from bad companions.

"Hope to see you once more.

"Goodbye - I love you.


Also in 1951, 1st wife Polly wrote this letter to Hubbard's 2nd wife, Sara (From court records):


"If I can help in any way, I'd like to - You must get Alexis [Hubbard's daughter by Sara] in your custody - Ron is not normal. I had hoped that you could straighten him out. Your charges probably sound fantastic to the average person - but I've been through it - the beatings, threats on my life, all the sadistic traits you charge - twelve years of it. I haven't asked for anything, but with all the money rolling in from 'Dianetics' I had hoped to get enough for plastic surgery for Kay's [Ron Jr.'s younger sister] birthmark - Please believe I do want you to get Alexis."

From L. Ron Hubbard's 1946 self-Affirmations:

"...You are a master... Lord help women when you begin to fondle them. You are a master of their bodies, master of their souls as you may consciously wish. You have no karma to pay for these acts. You cannot now accumulate karma for you are a master adept. Your voice is low and compelling to them. Singing to them, for you sing like a master, destroys their will to resist... "

There are many parallels with patterns in the 1960s and beyond, but I've excluded those (for the most part) to focus on the 1950s.


In March 1955, Hubbard wrote the 'Manual on Dissemination of Material'. He had devised an elaborate system of layering and compartmentalizing Scientology, so as to monitor who says what to whom.

"An outline of the communication lines of Scientology follows:

"1. [What we would like the] General public [to say] to the general public.

"2. Scientologists to general public."

And then eight more categories of ________ to ____________.

From Hubbard's 1955 'Manual on Dissemination of Material' [bracketed material added]:

"...the communication line ['to wogs'] is that Scientologists do not pose any threat, that Scientologists are good citizens, and that they can be trusted with problems of a private and confidential nature... Another frame of mind that we would like to see the public have and register are that people attacking Scientologists have something wrong with them... As a subdivision of this, the actual substance of communication about what Scientology actually is... from the general public to the general public [what the "wogs" should say to each other about Scientology] should be that Scientology says that good health and immortality are attainable. That it is compounded out of all Man knows about Man..."


"No Scientologist should ever consent to take a position on a panel or public stage engaging in debate of Scientology with some other subject. This is an entirely unclear communication line... Any such debate engaged upon demeaned or degraded Scientology by permitting it to be talked about contemptuously before a group - a thing which SHOULD NEVER BE PERMITTED [Capitalization in original]...

"Never defend. Always attack...

"NEVER BE INTERESTED IN CHARGES. DO, yourself, much MORE CHARGING, and you will WIN..."

And, also from the same 1955 'Manual on Dissemination':

"The purpose of the suit is to harass and discourage rather than to win."

The law can be used very easily to harass... If possible of course, ruin him utterly."

And from the 1959 'HCO Manual of Justice':

"Dianetics and Scientology are self-protecting sciences. If one attacks them one attacks all the know-how of the mind. It caves in the bank. It's gruesome sometimes.

"At this instance there are men hiding in terror on Earth because they found out what they were attacking. There are men dead because they attacked us - for instance Dr. Joe Winter [wrote Introduction to 'DMSMH', and the book, 'A Doctor's Report on Dianetics' with an Introduction by Fritz Perls]. He simply realized what he did and died. There are men bankrupt because they attacked us - [Don] Purcell, Ridgeway, [publisher of 'DMSMH'] Ceppos." L. Ron Hubbard, 'HCO Manual of Justice', 1959

"Find or Manufacture enough threat." L. Ron Hubbard, 'Department of Government Affairs', 1960

"Have you ever had unkind thoughts about L. Ron Hubbard?" L. Ron Hubbard, Security Check, 1961

And, almost forgot.

In autumn 1955 the fraudulent "Russian Textbook on Psycho-Politics" ("Brainwashing Manual"), was concocted by Scientology's founder, and presented to Scientologists as a top secret Russian text, one that denounces Dianetics as a danger to Communism, etc. By the early 1960s and, in some instances, as early as 1950s, Hubbard had begun applying its ideas and methods http://warrior.xenu.ca/Brainwashing-front.jpg on Scientologists.

And there's much more.

Old issues of 'Aberree' magazine (1954 - 1964) contain much information - and humor - and show that Scientology was always a devious and abusive doctrine - one that used good people, and wrapped itself in some good ideas.

Aberree magazine thread:


The traits that so possessed Scientology in the 1960s and 1970s, and beyond, were already percolating during the 1950s.