1997 full interview of Barbara Klowden, L. Ron Hubbard’s PR agent and lover


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Some very interesting things in this interview with Barbara Klowden. This is from someone that worked with Hubbard in the very early 50's, before he started a 'religion'

Excerpted from Tony O's post:

Some other highlights from the interview: Hubbard told her that before he wrote Dianetics, he’d taken just one book out of the library to learn about psychology.

— “He talked about smashing his way into history, and starting a religion,” she says. “I saw him as a very unstable individual."


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And how would she sum him up? Aware of the controversies that later swirled around the man and his organization, she says, “He was not a demon and he wasn’t a deity. He was a man with some psychiatric problems which led him to try to find some kind of way of dealing with his problems without going to a psychiatrist. And because of his quest to help himself, he was able to help many people.”

He helped himself become wealthy but he harmed and is still harming people with his means of achieving that wealth and attempt to boost his ego.

Was he "able to help many people"? Possibly, but by harming far more in the process.


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Barbara was an interesting woman. Her parents, Edward & Ann Klowden (Illinois) were farmers. In the Los Angeles Times, June 26, 1991, was a mention of her only daughter, Amy Beth Snader, who was very educated herself.

"Amy Beth Snader Services are today in Los Angeles for Amy Beth Snader, who fell to her death while hiking on the Na Pali coast of Kuai June 17. She was 31. A native of Los Angeles, Ms. Snader attended the Warner Avenue School, the Mirman School and the Innovative Program School at University High School there.

She graduated from UC Santa Cruz with honors in Computer and Informational Sciences at Merrill College. Ms. Snader was studying biological sciences at Cabrillo College in preparation for an advanced degree in cognitive science. She was on a biology class trip at the time of her death. Ms. Snader was a staff engineer Berkeley and did post graduate studies in nutrition at University Hospital in Philadelphia. She also taught nutrition at Chabot Junior College, Sacramento State and San Jose State Universities."

Amy's father died 2 years later: http://death-records.mooseroots.com/l/126303001/Robert-M-Snader

In 1997:

"The largest gift ever for scholarships in UCSC’s Baskin School of Engineering was made in memory of software engineer and alumna Amy Snader, who died in a hiking accident. The estate of Barbara Snader, Amy Snader’s mother, donated $1 million to the Amy Beth Snader Memorial Scholarship Fund, established in 1997, to
benefit women studying engineering."


The 2002 article where infamous celebrity astrologer Sydney Omarr spoke of Barbara:

"A few years ago, Barbara Snader, a former paramour who recently died of cancer, suggested they write each others' obituaries. "I said, 'Syd, I'll write, He was a scholar and a gentleman' " she recalled in an interview shortly before her death. "He said, 'No. I want you to say, He was a defender of astrology.'" Snader added with a laugh: "He wrote mine, but I didn't like it because it began with the word 'seductive.'