2016 SCIENTOLOGY PREDICTIONS -- You heard it here first!

Miss Ellie

Miss Ellie
There will be more small quiet defections - the stories will be told on blogs.

There will be TWO or more BIG defections that will be important to us but not the WOG community who could care less about us.

There will be more lawsuits filed against Narcanone and the Oklahoma facility will close and fade into the mist.

The big "Sciobot" city being planned down under will replace Clearwater and the land base will start to move out of the US. This will leave Clearwater stunned and grateful with many empty buildings for sale or lease in the downtown area.

Someone will have the balls to video/audio MD having a drunk meltdown and going off on a rant. This will be released on the Underground or Mike's blog and will be a YouTube instant hit.

Several that have disconnected from their families will reconnect and come out of the closet with stories of the forced disconnections they could no longer live with. Families will be reunited.

More people will move on with their lives, forgive themselves and others to lead happier healthier lives and learn what TOTAL FREEDOM means.

I will win the lottery, without buying a ticket since I never do, pay off my debits, quit my job and enjoy my old age in fine style. Ok reaching on this one but what the hell... got to dream BIG!

:happydance: :happydance: :happydance:
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OH - I love a good game. Thanks Hoaxie - you are so cool!:yes:

Ok - my first prediction:

1. L Ron Hubbard will stay dead and will not be back and sitting in one of the offices set up for him in the Idle Morgues scattered across the globe.

This is fricken fun~!:happydance:


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I predict the United States Government will raid and shut down Scientology's tax exempt status.

I predict another big celebrity will come out and cause another HUGE HURRICANE that will do more damage than Hurricane Leah.

I predict the Staff will leave in droves and no new public will join the cult.

I am not Oat Tea - I promise. I am just good at this!

Here is something Hoaxie predicted in 2011 and I predict the same will hold true for 2016:

Prediction 2011...

"A Scientologist at an event will not have the slightest clue what was said after listening to one of COB's 200-word-triumphant-rapid-fire-machine-gun sentences.

But, just to be on the safe side, they will turn to the Scientologist next to them and say "Wow, that's so theta!" " HH

and this - HH predicted in 2011, which came true a few years later. Had HH done an O/W write up before he did that predict - he would have been spot on with the date!!


My last predict will be that COB announces a new release coming up in 2017....(it has been a decade since the last release)

You guessed it - he found more altered tech by those pesky SP's!

Yep - Planetary Clearing finally a reality with the new GAT III and Basic's II. Also - MODEL Ideal Org's will have to be revamped if they went Ideal a decade ago. New buzz word - MODEL. More Staff Blow and public leave in droves. All that leave go public w/o any worry of retribution or disconnection.

That way he can purge all the ole timer's again and get some fresh, young meat to sell more books and regrading.
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1) Orders for cases of Scotch from COB's office will hit Highest Ever levels.

2) There will be a mass exodus from CoS after the publication of the books by Jesse Prince and Ron Miscavige.

3) Alex Gibney's "Going Clear" wins Oscar for Best Documentary! Leah Remini presents the award. John Travolta hides in the closet during the presentation.

4) Millions of dollars are regged for OT Levels IX and X, but they never get released.

5) IRS makes announcement that they are going to reexamine their past decision to grant tax exemption to CoS.

6) Karin Pouw jumps ship and makes her announcement at Tony O's Underground Bunker where she's been lurking for years.

7) Dozens of additional lawsuits will be filed against NarCONon and other Scientology front groups.

8) Paul Haggis acquires the movie rights for "The Unbreakable Ms. Lovely".

9) DM's dog who was promoted to Captain will blow INT Base and write a book about his experiences (with the assistance of PETA).

10) Elvis will make his first public appearance in decades and speak out against Scientology.
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Dave B.

Maximus Ultimus Mostimus
C.O.B. Miscarriage continues to eerily look more and more like a weird combination of Liberace and Jerry Lee Lewis.


And an easy one: The $cientology Kult will continue to, and indeed escalate, it's unintentionally humorous detached-from-reality statements regarding it's own growth and success, yada yada yada.

And an even easier one: The Kult will provide many foot-bullets and a foot-nuke or three for the entertainment of the public.


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Hubbard lives! How could we have missed it?
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In spring 2016 the book releases. St. Martins is the publisher, the same publisher that released "Battlefield Earth" :coolwink::coolwink::coolwink:
My prediction is that the book "If he Dies Let him Die" will rock the foundation so the so called "cherch" with revelations from the Father of "COB"
that will be a 9.0 Richter scale earthquake.

I predict that major media will line up in droves to interview Ron Miscavige Snr. including all major networks.

That day after day after day, the revelations will be stunning. Even though we *thought* we already knew it all.
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Diamond Invictus SP

In spring 2016 the book releases. St. Martins is the publisher, the same publisher that released "Battlefield Earth" :coolwink::coolwink::coolwink:
My prediction is that the book "If he Dies Let him Die" will rock the foundation so the sol called "cherch" with revelations from the Father of "COB"
that will be a 9.0 Richter scale earthquake.

I predict that major media will line up in droves to interview Ron Miscavige Snr. including all major networks.

That day after day after day, the revelations will be stunning. Even though we *thought* we already knew it all.

Sounds like the right time to buy some popcorn futures. :yes:



David Miscavige will have a stroke due to years of steroid abuse and roid rage. His father will say, "Let him die, if it's his time then it's his time."


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I like lots of the predictions which have already been posted.

I already on the OT IX and X thread made my case that either OT IX and X will not be released OR if they are it will cause a tremendous collapse of the cult for a long list of reasons I posted in that thread.

Additionally the cult will decline in membership while continuing to bleed dry the remaining trophybacked whales. Even though their numbers are declining due to the extreme wealth of the upper upper strata like Bob Duggan, Tom Cruise and Nancy Cartwright the cult can keep tens or even hundreds of millions rolling in.

Really between the tax exemption, his criminal prosecution avoidance success and the ideal org scam Captain David Miscavige (Sea Org and Scientology leader) has kept Ron Hubbard's fraud going at a high level for decades longer than was likely if he hadn't taken over.

If one of the true believers took over they wouldn't have made any efforts to hide the fraudulent nature of Scientology and the utter lack of materials beyond those already released.

So GAT I and II and the basics and survival rundown would never have been paraded out.

So, based on his past actions to confuse, brainwash and most of all bilk his remaining victims Miscavige most likely will trot out something to keep people busy. And staff and Sea Org slaves busy trying to sell something no one wants.

So the slaves can be blamed for Scientology's utter failure to expand again this year.

More books will come out. Books like Chris Shelton's and Jon Atack's newest book Opening Minds will help people to throw off Hubbard's lies better than ever before. Work on behavior and influence by folks like Margaret Singer, Robert Jay Lifton, Eric Hoffer, Janja Lalich, Robert Cialdini, Leon Festinger, Phil Zimbardo, Stanley Milgram and Steven Hassan have provided tools for recovery from Scientology.

These are being added to by folks like Jim Fallon, Jon Atack, David Eagleman, Daniel Shaw, Jon Atack and Chris Shelton.

I predict that many of the independent Scientologists and partially recovered will throw off Hubbard's pseudoscience fraud and leave the main cult and freezone and independent Scientology as well.

And thanks to the resources now available many ex Scientologists will bypass a long recovery and more rapidly move through much of the early stages of leaving Scientology quite rapidly.

This will help even more people to speak out against Scientology and it is quite possible this will be the worst year ever for Miscavige PR wise.


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A NOI member is found to be associating with IS. Miscavige finds himself on a no fly list and discovers the church is being investigated. Stockpiles of firearms are found and media hysteria ensues as the Sea Org is painted as an extremist army.
The church's pr swings into action, footbullets fly.

Scientology takes Russia to international courts over "irreligious" ban. Regardless of outcome, it remains banned.


Operating teatime

I predict that neither Tom Cruise or John Travolta will appear at the 2016 Academy Awards Oscar night. Not only to avoid sharing a stage with arch SP Alex Gibney, but because their cult leader orders it be so to avoid enturbulation on this planet or some such story.

I predict that OSA ops to not have Ricky Gervais appear at all that night continue feverishly.

See 2011 Golden Globes opening monologue . . .
3:10 :coolwink:


The actual host is confirmed to be Chris Rock .. oh the possibilities :lol:

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I predict that mention of "Saint Hill size" will be a thing of the past and never spoken of again, and only the square footage of empty Ideal Orgs will be spoken of by Miscavige. I also predict a good year for the CoS real estate arm, which will sell Orgs to developers.


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There will not be many names added to the big list (see my sig) as Anonymous has succesfully found all those darn SP's for the Church of Scientology. :ohmy:

OSA will thank Anons for their contribution and have a field day chasing all the SP's. :omg:

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True Ex-Scientologist
I predict that the Church of Scientology will NOT loose its U.S. income tax exempt status in 2016.
(They are way too insignificant for U.S. congress or the IRS to even care about. They have more important issues.)


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I predict that the Church of Scientology will NOT lose its U.S. income tax exempt status in 2016.

Yeah, it's hard to put ethics in on the world's most ethical people.

Maybe the gradient approach should be used at first. Something not as drastic as, let's say, removing the COS religious status.

Maybe we could start with putting Scientologists on the "No Fly" list. That way nobody would have to sit next to a grinning planet clearer who keeps pulling your earbuds out the entire flight, so they "..can continue finding your ruin, because the process is unflat".

If the "No Fly" list doesn't happen, maybe I'd just settle for a "No Fly Ruds" list, where Scientologists are not allowed to try to use their geeky commands & electronic gadgets to "bring people uptone".


Oh, a wise guy,eh?

Lets see...eenie, weenie, jellie beanie...


Xenu's battery finally runs out. He's back and, boy, is he pissed!

Elron Elray hitches a ride with Buck Rodgers back to Teegeeack after waiting several decades at the Venusian Station for his train which never did arrive.

NASA finds Space Station 33 and converts it to a McDonald's.

DM is proclaimed Toadstool of the Year by President Trump.

The Sixth Invader Force arrives, sees nothing worth invading and leaves.

Strangest of all, somebody actually reads DMSMH.