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Hi, my name is Maureen, also known as "Mo" (I'm not the dancer "Mo" who was a dancer/choreographer on the Apollo with LRH, I'm the "Mo" who was in the Camera Department at Gold for a long time between 1986 and 1995) I've posted some on another board, the XSO board before, and now I feel like posting on this board. I am fascinated by some of the stories I've read here, haven't finished reading them all yet, but thanks to everyone for sharing all this stuff :thankyou: And I love reading Little Bear Victor's posts and any Ex INT staff stories, especially.

Without further ado...some of my Scientology story (Jaws music....): I met a guy named Bill Ward way back in 1978 who told me he was a Scientologist. I was only 12 years old. He made friends with my Mom, he had met her at a psychiatric outpatient clinic in San Jose, and they fell in love and he asked her to marry him. He moved in with us in our small apartment in Santa Clara. He was a strange and fascinating guy. An ex-Mormon High Priest with one polio leg. He was very stocky with thick glasses and a deep sonorous voice. He also had a large wart on his nose, he was ugly as sin, but sounded great. He'd done some work as a radio DJ and was a phone sales guy for these special automatic beds, the kind that can be moved into a sit up position electronically and all that. He loved to gamble and was a stock car racer as a hobby. He had a special gyroscope in the trunk of his green Ford Ltd that he thought kept him from fish tailing too much. He'd always speed on the freeway. He had a fake police badge and a flashing red light he would put on the cab on his car so he could pretend to be an undercover cop and travel at seriously high speeds on the freeway. I think I saw the guys speedometer hit 180 once. He never got caught. He had a CB radio in his car so he knew where the "Bears" were.

My twin sister avoided him because she thought he smelled (he was a heavy smoker like my Mom) and was ugly and "gross". My brother Randy liked him and so did I. We got to be friends with him. I learned how to do wheelies in his wheel chair, went on some fishing trips, met his kids Gary, Keith and Bruce Wayne Ward from his previous marriage (all over 16), I learned how to fire a bb gun and other fun things. He had some wild tales about his life growing up in Arkansas. I remember one tale he told about how he could kill venomous water mocassan snakes by grabbing their tails and whipping them like a whip which would snap their heads off. Yuk. He also told us some stuff about the Mormon church, about how Brigham Young was an "asshole" and we were to say that to any Mormon missionairies we saw peddling by in their white shirts in our neighborhood. I never did it myself, but I did see him scream at some missionairies once and they looked so shocked and hurt when he said it, and then they peddled their bikes fast in the other direction.

When Bill moved in, he brought his books with him. Two of the books he showed us (my little brother and I) were his Dianetics books. Both green hard cover books. He made some really really wild claims about Scientology. He said that I could learn how to help my Mom with her mental illnesses. Oh, also, he'd said he was on staff at the Santa Clara Mission earlier, possibly as a reg or a Div 6 guy, I have yet to find anyone who remembers the guy on staff. Anyone?

His claims included potentials for telepathy, being able to levitate objects with "Tone 40" and past life recalls, super powers, all kinds of crazy things. Now Bill was also involved with EST, Silva Mind Control and Instantaneous Personal Magnetism, hypnotism-- a certified hypnotist, and he was even a certified, but unpractising chiropractor. He told me that the day I had won a one mile race in 7th grade ( I was the only girl who had ever run a mile in 5 1/2 minutes at this school) he had "bathed me in white light" before the race. I originally believed him! Now that I have a more discerning mind, I really think I was a fast runner because my genetic father was a professional football player. My Mom said his name was Alan Rutter (not the guy who was the head of the Railroad Commission) and he'd been kicked off of the 49ers because he had a bad temper. She'd had an affair with him when she was at the psychiatric ward of the El Camino hospital in Mountan View (same hospital I was born in--oh, not the psychiatric ward, the baby ward) I have been unable to verify the exhistance of an ex 49er named Alan Rutter. I suppose my Mom could have been pulling my leg about which football team he was on but I have no doubts that I could run fast because of him and that I had playing football in my blood somehow.

Now, back to Bill Ward and his Scientology and Silva Mind Control stuff, I was curious about all this. He told me to read the Dianetics Book to prove how smart I really was. I couldn't read it, it put me to sleep despite my tryng to "look up my words", so I realized that I wasn't that smart after all ( I no loner think that I couldn't read that book because I was dumb) He did some TRs with me out of the book Dianetics Today and I thought it was fun. He flunked me everytime I laughed because he had shot his dentures out of his mouth at me. I never got to flatten that one... I wanted to do more, but Bill died one night in our living room of a heart attack while playing video games with my little brother. I was sad to see him go, my Mom was particularly sad for a long time. She thought she'd killed him with her corned beef...

Years later, when I was being tortured out in Hemet with RPFing and "withold pulling" "technology" --- I invoked the memories of Bill Ward to help me get out. I claimed he PDHd me (sorry Bill...I figured you wouldn't mind) which would make me unqualified for the SO. Oddly enough, that whole fake incident is fully covered in my 2006 SP declare! You see I really wasn't an honest hard working SO Member all those years, I was a spy for EST and Silva Mind Control, trying to steal secrets for the dead Bill Ward!!! :lol:

In mid 1980, my neighbors gave me their junk mail, in it was a "free personality test" from the Church of Scientology Mission of Stevens Creek. I filled it out enthusiatically and sent it in. About a month later, I got a post card saying my results were ready and I could come on a Saturday or a Sunday after 10:30. I went in on the Sunday...

more later folks....


Welcome! Great 1st post. Look forward to hearing more.

And yes, ghosts of the past are always good for something.



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Hi Mo!

Great to have you on the board.

Looking forward to your posts.

Lulu Belle

Hey Mo!

We knew each other in another life. :)

Good to see you here.

I'm interested to hear where your sister is now. I'm hoping that is part of your story.


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Hi Mo,

Here I am, you told me you started posting here today.

Great to read your post.

See you later.

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part two

I hope I'm doing this right. I clicked on the thread I started and I've clicked on "reply to thread" to put my next installment. Is that right? Well, I guess I'll see how it lays out.

Well first of all, thanks to all who have read so far and expressed interest. Hi Pomfritz, I feel funny calling you that.

Second of all, I want to warn everyone ahead of time that my installments on this story might come kind of ever so S-L-O-W-L-Y. I wish I could pop out an instant novel, but I'm not that fast of a writer.

Thirdly, before I begin my real part two, I want to back up a little: I left something out of part one that is important. I've been asked the question, "why did you get into Scientology?" and so I feel it is important not to leave out some of the plot points before I take you to part two when I show up at the Steven's Creek Mission for my Personality Test results.

OK, back to when Bill Ward had died in front of me of a heart attack. ALSO at this time, there was another upsetting experience in my life, my best best friend RB, whom I'd known since 4th grade, had gotten into a motorcycle accident with her older brother. She was in the hospital for a long time and her arm was permanently damaged. I visited her in the hospital and apparently I passed out when I saw her with all the tubes and stuff coming out of her (we are back in touch now and she says I passed out in the hospital, but I don't remember it, but I don't doubt it). I had a hard time cheering up my friend because I was so upset too and I didn't really know how to deal with it. My step-father (who I called Daddy), my mom's ex husband, tried to console me and cheer me up. He took me miniature golfing a couple of times. He was there for me, I just had no idea what to say to him. I didn't really know that I was sad really. I wasn't crying, I was kind of more in some kind of shock or numbness emotionally. There was this kind of strange dreariness about my life going on.


I showed up at the Steven's Creek Mission to get my Personality Test results. This was when the mission was behind the Meridian Quad Theaters, it had a good location because I found it easy to find, plus it kind of had an air of legitimacy because it was near the movie theaters in plain view of so many people. I walked into the reception area, I was wearing worn out, holey blue jeans and a "hang ten" t-shirt and some sandals on. My hair was long and kind of unkempt. I think Carol Volkes was holding reception/bookstore officer. She had me take a seat and wait. I waited for an hour! According the Philip McIntyre who confessed to me years later, no one wanted to talk to me because they didn't think I'd sign up for anything. I then started to wonder around the mission. I walked into the Div 6 courseroom area which had a door near the reception area. There had just been some meeting there that was letting out, there was still food on a table inside so I went into get some. I was hungry. Kathryn Scheer was inside and she was juggling with some green apples. I thought that was so cool, I asked her to show me how. She showed me how to juggle three apples and I learned it fast, then she asked if my parents were around and I said, "No, I'm waiting to get my free personality test results, I've been waiting for an hour". She said, "Oh, I can take care of that" and she disappeared out the door. I heard some shouting and then she came back in and brought me to Phil McIntyre's office. She said was in charge of all the Div 6's, the PES I think she said if I remember correctly --- so I guess I found the right person to get my personality test results finally!

I went into Phil's office.He seemed kind of sleepy and bored. He showed me my OCA graph. He pointed to my OCA points. He said it was good that they were all "above the center line". He said that I had a really high Stability and Responsibility, then he pointed to these points on my graph that were at the very top. Then he said that I had a "low point". He pointed at it and he said that it meant that I was "unhappy". I kind of felt like crying all of a sudden, :bigcry: but I choked it back. He then started talking about how Scn could help me with it and I butted in and asked if there was a "communication's course" at the mission, because I wanted to finish the TRs that Bill Ward had started with me. Phil looked surprised and said "Yes, we have the Success Through Communications Course" and then I said that I wanted to do it. He told me it would cost 50.00. I put the money in cash on his desk. I had it in my pocket because I did three paper routes for the San Jose Mercury News, and so I had cash. He said that I would need a "twin". I said that I had a twin! My twin sister. And he said, "Oh, no, someone to do the course with you" and I said I'd get my little brother to do it with me and I gave him another 50.00 for my little brother.
My poor little brother didn't know what was about to happen :omg:

Well, that's all for part two. I'll write more later. I gotta go for now. :wave:


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Hi Twin A.


You are doing great on the writing.

Looking forward to more of your story.


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Twin A said:
He said that I would need a "twin". I said that I had a twin! My twin sister.

That's weird.

When I supervised the Comm Course, "twins" were done as according to who was there on course at the time. There were no permanent "twins".

For example, the same as staff, I might have Jim Hamre as a TRs "twin" one day and the next day I might be doing TRs with Joe Yazbeck.

Maybe they were using you to try to get someone else in? I don't know. This doesn't make any sense to me.



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When I did Pro TRs I was assigned a twin and he was mine for the duration, for better or for worse. We had to recover each other a number of times.


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There used to be an HCOB 21 August 1979 entitled "TWINNING", that assigned twins in concrete. As a sup, I found it quite useful.

I vaguely remember it got cancelled, but most people remembered it and it worked well as a "now I'm supposed to" when the sup sent the student out to go grab his "twin" as there weren't extra course admin personnel to do so.

Anyone know if it did get cancelled?


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Hi Mo (Twin A),

I sorta know you, since we were at the base at overlapping periods of time, but I don't think we've ever talked. I know you've been posting over at XSO. Glad to see you here and interesting to hear your story!

Gilman Hot Springs is rapidly developing into a black hole these days. The faster the remaining people leave the better. At this rate they will soon truly start disappearing for good. :nervous: