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Featured 25 Years of Scn

Discussion in 'Stories From Inside Scientology' started by Twin A, Nov 16, 2007.

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    Right - this is one of the best threads of tis board :thumbsup::yes:
  2. Ysa'Leia

    Ysa'Leia New Member

    Hello! Twin A

    I am not a Scientologist in fact I am a Wog (lol) no offense to anyone just a joke,...but I found your post interesting.....I too am fom San Jose/ Santa Clara County and I remember around 1980 when I was around 6 my parents are divorced by dad lives in Sunnyvale, CA and we lived in East San Jose, CA ( I am the youngest of 4)...

    When I was around 6 yrs old as I was saying I remember my father always having these Dianetics books he used to pass out or sale at the Vallco Shopping mall in Cupertino and at Eastridge Mall, East San Jose at that time he was always talking about how Science can heal the mind and bullcrap......then 1/2 of the summer of 1980 my older sister and my brother (two middle children) disappeared for awhile with my dad...then reappaered and me being youngest I am just thinking they went for the Summer with my dad... when school was about to re-start we were driving down Stevens Creek (which was a long street) and my dad asked me if I wanted to go to a private school.....and I scrunched my nose up and shook my head no.....I liked the public elementary school I was already attending.....but my brother who was older around 12 and my sister who was 9 had negative brother started kicking and punching the back seat of my dad's Lincoln Town Car and screaming no...and my sister was adamant she was like no.........then my brother said " NOBODY WANTS TO GO TO THAT OUTTER SPACE SCHOOL, DAD THAT'S NO RELIGION WHERE THE CHURCH AT...NOBODY GETTING THE HOLY GHOST...." my sister agrees at this point I am scared and like my dad makes a u-turn and my brother hollers again "DAD, IAM JUMPING OUT" and opens the car dad swerves into a parking lott and get all like Joe Jackson ( Singer Michael Jackson's dad) on my brother my dad says "I'MMA WHIP YOUR BUTT!" and slams the car door shut brother opens the car door grabs my sister and I am scared I am in the front seat so I follow my brother and sister and we are running and I remember crying and back then they had public pay phones and if I recall it was a Lyons restaurant we ran inside and my brother called my mother collect who came and got us......

    I did not see my father again for another 4-5 years after that incident.......I remember asking my mom about my dad during this time and she just said "HE DONE LOST HIS DAMN MIND" and she never said no dad did re-appear about 4-5 yrs later and he had moved from Sunnyvale, CA to Oakland, CA dad later remarried...the lady he married was a God Fearing woman who had the Holy Spirit within her and probably would not have liked Dianetics/ Scientology Religious Philosophy..........Till this day my mom nor dad will not talk about that period it is like it is taboo or something....and both my parents are still living....

    I think my dad joined scientology for awhile and do not ever want to talk about it

    I did not make the connection with Dianetics and Scientology until 2005.....and here recently when I started reading stuff about the Sea Org and Disconnection........we had to re-connect with my father....this is from a WOG (lol) point of view......
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    Bump for newbies.
    A must read story!
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    :bump2: Learned so much from this thread - thank you Twin A and all.

  5. sallydannce

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  6. Rocketman2

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    Re: Chapter 15

    Wow...I knew it was nutso in the 70's...and everyone I knew that joined, returned quickly...routing out. SO needs to be disbanded. If workers are needed, hire them just like private industry.
  7. Free Being Me

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  8. Glenda

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  9. Gizmo

    Gizmo Rabble Rouser

    Yep, this thread is a good place to wade in & find out what everybody else was doing.

    Was I that crazy back then ? Apparently so !

    But, let a quarter of a century slide by & all that becomes fading memories of some life ago - sort of like a marriage that fell apart.

    Was a 'big deal' then but a 'ho hum' now.

    On we go, living & loving !
  10. Free to shine

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    This is one of the best threads ever posted on ESMB.
    Time for a :bump2:
  11. JustSheila

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    Thank you, FTS. :thumbsup: I've never seen this thread.
  12. UhLasare

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    Amazing thread. Thanks for telling your story, Maureen. I'd seen videos of you on YouTube and heard your interview with Jeffrey Augustine. Your story was the most upsetting ex story I'd been exposed to. Reading it was hard, but I love the happy ending. I hope you continue to be healthy and happy out of Scientology.
  13. Lia

    Lia New Member

    Hi! I am currently on page 17 of this thread, I decided since I completed reading to the point you got out, that I'd allow myself to post a comment to you even though I have oodles of pages more to read. First, I want to give you a giant hug and say you are amazing. I also want to ask if I can borrow your courage lol, I'm new & have yet to work up the courage to post my introduction on the new members much fear instilled in all of us to control us on the inside and the fear is still controlling me. As of page 17, which was posted in 2008 I believe, you hadn't been in contact with your sister, I hope i will find out if that changes as I keep fear that keeps me from posting, is that if anyone figures out who I am, it would mean serious trouble for my family. I am from one of those large multi generational scn families but because of the uh, unique circumstances I have had, I'm lucky enough to have family on the inside who risk alot to keep in contact with me and if i get figured out by saying too much they'd probably not be very happy with me to put it mildly, very mildly.i can't risk it but I need to talk with people who get it, so I landed here....I'm lucky because even as a child, I questioned everything and my family never ratted me out despite my flair for saying some pretty crazy things, they may act as if they don't speak with me, but they do which I hope is a sign that they are questioning the life they are trapped in and will take me up on my offer to help break em out family member on the outside calls me "the one who they couldn't fully indoctrinate" lol but being the only one in a close, absurdly large family that sees that this is a mind controlling cult sucks.

    And I just said more than I feel ok with even in that but I'm gonna force myself to stop deleting parts of what I've written and hit post

    And I've gone off track I tend to do.. My point is, I wish I could be even a teeny bit as brave as you.

    Lastly, your story has been SO very interesting, that the last two nights I have stayed awake until 5am reading it. I have it saved on my phone and i get my chihuahua, crawl into bed to attempt sleep and decide to "just read a few more posts" in your story and then end up staying up til almost dawn reading!! I'm staying in the basement right now while my room is being fixed up and can't smoke unless I go upstairs and smoke into the fireplace lol so I'd read, get to a intense part, crawl out of bed and go upstairs to read it while smoking and my chihuahua keeps following me, up the stairs and down and up and down and he just wants to sleep and cuddle into me and he actually got sassy. He looked at me and just moaned and sighed when I got into bed and hid his face under my pillow because he hates bright lights and the glow of my phone screen while reading your story was driving him nuts!
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  14. Welcome to ESMB Lia!

    I know you are scared about posting and for extra security I have edited out a name and a specific relationship, as I can't contact you until you have posted twice.

    As long as you speak very generally and don't specify names, places, dates and relationships there is really nothing to worry about.

    You will find a lot of support here and I hope you start a thread in New Member Introductions.

    Moderator 3375
  15. dchoiceisalwaysrs

    dchoiceisalwaysrs Gold Meritorious Patron

    Welcome Lia

    Great first post. You will be fine and keep in mind there may well be other members of your family ready to get out but are ' under the radar' also.
    One indicator that the A&E TV series " Scientology the aftermath" is bringing many ex and under the radar and hopefully many 'fully in' to feel safe enough to express themselves more fully as you have.
    This is a very good time for all who wish to speak freely.
    Leah Remini and 'gang - lol' will be very pleased that you and others are beating back the fear and terror it creates as a tax exempt ' charitable' organization.
  16. Free to shine

    Free to shine Shiny & Free

    :bump2: For newbies, lurkers and those who want to read this amazing thread again.
  17. MWH

    MWH Patron

    Lol..... I was there but don’t remember you. My wife was probably in your class. Phil & Larryanne were at my wedding. Jim Leak was my best man.
  18. MWH

    MWH Patron

    Sarkis was from Lebanon. My wife & I lived with him after we moved out from Carl & Terry Myers house.