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3/9/15: Scientology Doc Going Clear at Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)


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Variety: HBO’s New Scientology Documentary Causes a Stir at LACMA Screening


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One former member, Sylvia “Spanky” Taylor, who was in attendance, shares her heartbreaking and inspiring story in the film. After years of dedication to the church, which she joined as a teenager, Taylor was sentenced to its disciplinary program, the Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF), in 1977. She was crammed into overcrowded quarters, forced to sleep on a soggy mattress outside, and had her new baby daughter taken away from her before she escaped and left the church. Now, years later, she has the chance to reflect on her experience.

“I’m just grateful that I realized missteps and got out, and got my children out, so we could have a life,” Taylor told Variety. “What happened to me… it was dreadful, and yet it happens every day, still, right now.”

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