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3 cheers for Leah Remini!


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Two years after very publicly splitting from the Church of Scientology, actress Leah Remini is preparing to once again make headlines with the coming release of a new memoir titled, “Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology.”

Actress Leah Remini has left the Church of Scientology and reportedly filed a mising persons report on its leader's wife, Shelly.

Actress Leah Remini left the Church of Scientology and is preparing to release a new book about her departure.

And the book’s publisher, Ballantine, an imprint of Random House, isn’t backing down from the ongoing controversy surrounding the 45-year-old actress’ past association with the controversial religious group.

In addition to throwing “Scientology” into the book’s title, the religious group is also being used in marketing materials to help drum up interest in the book, which the Daily Mail called a “blistering exposé.”

Just consider that the official description of “Troublemaker” promises that the book includes “an eye-opening insider account of her tumultuous and heart-wrenching thirty-year-plus association with the Church of Scientology.”

Remini is reportedly expecting some repercussions for so openly discussing and writing about what unfolded.

“Indoctrinated into the church as a child while living with her mother and sister in New York, Remini eventually moved to Los Angeles, where her dreams of becoming an actress and advancing Scientology’s causes grew increasingly intertwined,” read press materials for the book. “As an adult, she found the success she’d worked so hard for, and with it a prominent place in the hierarchy of celebrity Scientologists.”

Joining other actors like Tom Cruise and John Travolta, Remini was among the Hollywood elite who are in the inner ranks.

But that all came to a close, according to press materials for the book, when she started to question actions taken by Scientologist leaders. Before long, she was booted by the church and her friends and loved ones who still take part were told to sever ties.

The book, which releases on November 3, follows the “King of Queens” star’s open proclamations about her departure from Scientology. She said in a 2014 interview that leaving her faith behind brought her and her family closer together.

“I think now that we’re gone we’re learning new ways to … reconnect with each other so it really has brought us closer together,” she told TV host Ellen DeGeneres at the time. “I think we’re stronger and we’re having so much fun together and this is something that the family loves to do.”

Past claims from Remini also include being subjected to something called “security checking,” which includes behavior modification and interrogations — and a $300,000 bill — after she questioned the whereabouts of Shelly Miscavige, wife of Scientology head David Miscavige, who has only been seen once since 2006, the Daily Mail reported.

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Gold Meritorious Patron
How will Scientology react to Leah Remini's book, Troublemaker?

Miscavige & OSA will undoubtedly use Kirstie Alley along with several other of their "B" list celebs to attack Leah Remini's credibility.

I expect to hear the terms "bigot" and "religious bigot" ad nauseum.

OSA will do anything to prevent Leah from speaking with the media.

They know that it's impossible to prevent their celebrities from hearing the "buzz" that her book is bound to generate.

The "buzz" will work it's way throughout the organization.

OSA has to be extremely careful. Another celebrity leaving would be disastrous.

I trust that Miscavige will screw up royally, because her criticism focuses on him, his arrogance, sleaze, and other narcissistic cringe factors.

He'll be unable to contain his fury.

Meanwhile, Leah has returned to religion; Catholicism.

She baptized her daughter, and has found a genuinely welcoming spiritual home.

Miscavige is simply incapable of being portrayed sympathetically, because he is so widely known to be a ruthless, uncompromising thug.

And Scientology has used up it's share of "public denials" for the foreseeable future. Nowadays the media just yawn.

God bless Leah Remini for her courage and honesty.

And God bless us all who finally managed to get out.


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Once the heat dies down from Leah's book I'd love to see Lisa Marie Presley tell her story and leave Miscavige all shook up.:yes:


Gold Meritorious Patron
Once the heat dies down from Leah's book I'd love to see Lisa Marie Presley tell her story and leave Miscavige all shook up.:yes:

Leah's book might prompt other celebs to speak up. Maybe several at once. I'd love to see a domino effect of people speaking out. You just know a bunch of em got some dirt to dish on Miscabitch