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LRH stole much of what was in Scientology from writers of the time & blended it with information from Eastern Understanding & called it Scientology. There is truth there that was wrapped around a lot of lies. The LIES are what created the greatest of PROBLEMS>


1. The FIRST LIE is that he was the only one who found the "WAY" through toward higher consciousness. First of all he DID NOT Find "the way" BECAUSE HE HIMSELF was stuck in an Engram that he put out there as the OT Levels. You are running his Engram...

2. The SECOND LIE is that he found a BRIDGE TO TOTAL FREEDOM. LRH never got there!!! Buddha did find this Bridge & it consisted of washing away Karma, engrams, patterns from the past. This washes away to a point where you are CLEAN AND FREE with no impedence of LIGHT flowing through YOU.

3. The THIRD LIE is that LRH mapped the ONLY WAY THROUGH the Wall of Fire. THE WALL OF FIRE is just the LIGHT of HIGHER AWARENESS & is a place many go through in the deepest of meditation.

4. The FOURTH LIE was that you could not go into the LIGHT, "WALL OF FIRE" by yourself or die. LRH himself could not go far into the light because of his own DARK ENERGY consisting of Selfishness & wanting to CONTROL others. LIGHT & DARK Energy cannot exist in the same space. It's just hard to go into the light when there is too much darkness within. All you have to do is let go of Dark thoughts & open up to LIGHT & LOVE within yourself starting with LOVING YOURSELF TOTALLY!!!

was that YOU had to CLEAR THE PLANET!!!! THE LIGHT & LOVE you hold in your OWN HEART changes the WORLD! They kept trying to convince you, just like every other religion that YOU had to promote THEM to help the WORLD!!!! THE LIGHT & LOVE YOU HOLD IN YOUR OWN HEART CHANGES THE ENTIRE WORLD VIBRATIONALLY! Gandhi said, "BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD"

LRH took much wisdom from the EAST and repackaged it in a very sensational way. The PROBLEM was that he also ADDED IN CONTROL MECHANISMS FROM THE CATHOLIC CHURCH & MILITARY ORGANIZATION. We sure know how much those 2 things have helped EARTH!!!!

There is workable information that he put together, but it in no way came from just him. He stole information from so many sources as a hodge podge of information at the time & gave no credit to where he was getting the information from.

B.J. Palmer, the developer of CHIROPRACTIC, in the Green Books spoke of much of what LRH talked about in the 1950's & he wrote these in the early 1900's. B.J. Palmer said that Innate Intelligence creates all MATTER, ENERGY, TIME & SPACE. Does that sound familiar??? LRH was no doubt a great writer, the thing no one understands is that he was NOT ALL LIGHT FILLED. He had a CONTROL COMPLEX & wanted to CONTROL OTHERS which is inherently DARK IN NATURE.

The most enlightened thing is to let ANOTHER BEING BE WHERE THEY ARE. LOVE another person exactly where they are in the NOW MOMENT! There is NO INFINITE LOVE OF WHERE THE PERSON IS IN SCIENTOLOGY & THAT IS IT'S DOWNFALL!!!!

WE ALL PROJECT OUR OWN LIGHT & DARK ON OTHERS. LRH projected his own fears on others & wanted to destroy all who opposed him. This is DARK in nature. Only infinite LOVE of friends & enemies will evolve mankind toward much higher states of being.

Loving despite all reasons to do otherwise is the answer. This starts with LOVING EVERYTHING ABOUT YOURSELF & LOVING what you experienced in SCIENTOLOGY. There was TRUTH there covered up with a lot of lies. The MOUSE TRAP does not WORK unless you have CHEESE there. You experience the CHEESE. Take the good & just let go of the bad & live your life to the greatest expression possible!!!!

You are a divine being of light having a human experience. I look forward to telling you more enlightened information in the future... For now just keep shining & loving & living every day to the fullest in the NOW MOMENT my ex-scientology friends!!!!!

Light & LOVE,



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Hi again Light: I don 't think you will find too too much argument with what you have writen above. I think other people on the board have writen almost the same thoughts. But feel free to give specifics and express yourself. I am wondering how you managed to commit "other practices" without you and your patients spending all your time in ethics? How/why in the heck did you get in scino anyway?


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Thanks LW - there are some very sweet things you said in OP.

I just wanted to ask you about "The Light"="wall-of-fire"? (lies 3+4) I suppose I can guess that you are referring to some analogy or metaphor here, but I am interested in how you might be looking at those 2 things, as being the same?

I just personally feel that if the W-o-Fire, whether meant to ever be some sort of metaphor, could even be thought of as 'Light'?

And I'm only asking cause my whole general upbringing with things 'religious' - whether parental sort of 'go to church' thing, and/or what my explorations have found...is that "The Light" was/is completely different from anything such as the how the wall has been described.

I mean especially: I could find any and all sort of connection when on this or that drug way back, but have long realized that that is all BS.

So might you clarify your connecting there things?

Thanks again for OP
Best to You