6 Additional Scientology Horror Stories We’d Like To See Covered In A “Going Clear” Sequel


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6 Additional Scientology Horror Stories We’d Like To See Covered In A “Going Clear” Sequel
by Wendy Stokes
Interest in Shelly’s whereabouts got actual media attention after actress Leah Remini left the Church in 2013, and filed a missing persons report. Remini says that when she attended Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ wedding in Italy in 2006, she was surprised to see best man, David Miscavige, without the company of his wife, and asked about her whereabouts. That inquiry, as well as a “Knowledge Report” she filed with the Church, led to Remini being stuck with three months worth of “sec checking” — basically, hardcore interrogations about the various evils she had committed — and the “Truth Rundown,” “an Orwellian practice of thought reform,” as Ortega puts it. But Shelly’s disappearance stayed at the forefront of Remini’s mind, and she continued to search for her, sending gifts and letters to her attention at possible Church locations, only to have them returned. Remini allegedly even threatened to go to the FBI if the Church didn’t produce Shelly. After she finally had enough and left the Church, Remini filed a missing persons report, but it was thrown out. The Church maintains that Shelly Miscavige is not missing and is happily working for the Church, though, again, she has not been seen or heard from, save for that one appearance at her father’s funeral, in 8-9 years.

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2. The Heartbreaking Story Of Uwe Stuckenbrock
3. The Mysterious Death Of Stacy Moxon
4. The Missing President of Scientology
5. Suspicious Deaths At The Fort Harrison Hotel
6. Jack Parsons, L. Ron Hubbard’s Satanist Friend


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Markus is heartbroken over Uwe but the fellow chose to stay where he was.

Tell me about Stacy, I don't know the story.

Heber is presumably comfortable and was always loyal...

The deaths at Ft Harrison are in the hands of the duly appointed authorities. If anyone has anything other than innuendo I'd love to see it

Jack has his crater on the dark side of the moon and his own show on the boobtube...