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9/10/11: Independent Scientologists invited to meet Dept. of Interior of Germany


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All Independent Scientologists are invited to attend a historic meeting in Hamburg, Germany this Saturday, September 10, 2011 at 10:30 AM at the Department of the Interior of the government of Germany. Details are here...

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Thursday, 08 September 2011 14:12

For decades Miscavige and the Office of Special Affairs has been running an extensive fifth column campaign to create chaos for Scientologists, Europen government officials, and key nations as a whole including Germany, France, Belgium and the UK. The more trouble, the more cash David Miscavige receives in the form of donations plundered from duped Scientologists into the IAS's "war chest." Without a war, there can't be a war chest. That's why the Church IS at war.

It is a corporate conspiracy in the name of profit against multiple governments and I hinted at some of the details yesterday involving Miscavige's recruiting of film actors like Tom Cruise, John Travolta and Ann Archer (Tommy Davis's mother) to pressure the US State Department to disrupt government operations. The details are truly rotten and that is one of the topics to be revealed by Marty on Saturday to any Independent Scientologist who wishes to attend our free meeting in Hamburg. Helping to organize THIS meeting is why I bought a plane ticket to Germany. Marty could have done it himself, but he's been a bit busy, so I volunteered.

Speaking of Marty, today he was on the Markus Lanz talk show with Ursula Caberta. The show is to air immediately and you can see it on Markus Lanz's website. Together they reveal some blistering facts about Miscavige's Stasi-like Office of Special Affairs and David Miscavige.

-- Hey, tip to Mr Cruise and OSA: the Hammer of Thor is coming down. Don't be under it. You guys are on the wrong side of history. Just like the Stasi. Either wake up and get out now (with evidence against Miscavige) or soon it will be too late.

So the meeting will be at the Department of the Interior, 4 Johanniswall by Altstadterstrasse in the heart of Hamburg. Bring your passport -- you will need it to get into the building. If you arrive on time, you will also get to meet Ursula Caberta -- a genuine leader of enormous insight who since years has suffered every dirty trick in the OSA play book. What Marty is experiencing now, she also endured.

And as for the numerous CoS hate websites attempting to malign and stigmatize Ursula Caberta as a "religious bigot" -- FAIL. She never was. And now that she's proving the point, the CoS websites suddenly took down that lie and replaced it with a new one. Just hours ago! Miscavige operates on the insane idea if he repeats a line (even though it's false) enough times for enough years, one day everyone will believe it. I'm not making this up. It is actually what he professes, and is why OSA tells such blatant lies about Marty, Mike, Ursula, me, Amy, Marc, and the hundreds of others who stand by truth.

European Scientologists need to know what has really been going on so they can jetisson the false data. For example, OSA operatives and IAS registrars have been telling people since the 1990s that the German government "kicks Scientology children out of public school." it is a lie. The German government doesn't care what people believe and they want kids to go to school. Like anyone else, they only care what people DO. And when repressive individuals start discriminating against others, forcing them to give money, disconnect from parents or change religions, the government's job is to do something when people are being harmed. In response, the Church made up lies.

For years WISE pressured Scientologists to use confidential employee records to recruit people into Scientology. It is illegal to do that. Victims turned to the government for help. And when the government told the Church to knock it off, the Church spread a lie that "if the government finds out you are a Scientologist you will lose your job." No, breaking the law and harming people is what gets people fired because that's just how life works. The only people who ever lost their jobs were fired because they comitted crimes that harmed people. It was NOT "religious persecution."

To prove the point, the govenment is hosting and providing their own facilities for a meeting of Independent Scientologists.

The government has no problem with us at all. On the contrary, they respect what we are doing and they know the Church is retaliating against us in various ways, especially if your name is Marty or Mosey Rathbun. Yet this "open arms" approach is nothing new. This has been their attitude all along. It was only the CoS that claimed the government was all bad. And it wasn't just the government that OSA lied about. They also claimed problems in Germany traced back to the Lutheran Church. Hogwash!

What David Miscavige does best: make powerful enemies with long memories.

I also said yesterday the Church had blood on their hands. And Hamburg attendees will learn more on that score too, including tragic deaths by suicide of leading European Scientologists, forced into such heavy debt by the CoS there seemed no other way out than to abandon life itself.

So, if you can arrange to be at this historic meeting, please be there. In fact this meeting symbolizes a mending of relations and a healing from the damage done to a very important part of the world by the most toxic individual I have ever known.

Marty said his purpose in coming to Europe was to "clean up the mess" made by David Miscavige.


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I just hope it cracks a few more walls within the Co$ and a few more refugees flee.