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A cause worth supporting - Mark Bunker's new film

Discussion in 'Movies, Plays, and Documentaries about Scientology' started by Emma, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. Emma

    Emma Con te partirò Administrator

    Hey guys,

    You might or might not know about the film Mark Bunker is making.

    Here is a little about the film:

    Mark has been zooming around the countryside interviewing Ex Scientologists and you can read about it all on the website.

    He needs more funding to keep this thing going.

    You can throw a $20 or a $50 or even $100 at him on this site here:

    If you can afford a few bucks please consider this worthy cause. I think it's going to be one hell of a film.
  2. Purple Rain

    Purple Rain Crusader

    Ooh, done like a dinner! :hifive:
  3. Jachs

    Jachs Gold Meritorious Patron

  4. Annonny

    Annonny Guest

    I think it's great he is making a movie. I donated just a few days ago.
    It would be great if more people send Mark some money, even if it's just 20 dollars.
  5. Auditor's Toad

    Auditor's Toad Clear as Mud

    Mark has done such good work for so long.

    All of us have benefited from him being there, standing firm, and doing what he does best : exposing the truth about our favorite cult !

    Yeah, I'll be glad help him.
  6. jenni with an eye

    jenni with an eye Silver Meritorious Patron

    Now this is a film I would love to see :drama:
  7. Free to shine

    Free to shine Shiny & Free

    From the Village Voice:

    Mark has a clip here with some of the people in the film - this is going to be good! Wishing him the best after the loss of his mum.

    Ah, Just found the YouTube one:
  8. Type4_PTS

    Type4_PTS Diamond Invictus SP

  9. clamicide

    clamicide Gold Meritorious Patron

    OMG...How Fricking happy does that clip make me. Wow, this has got to crack some of the stuff encasing the "it's all DM mentality". One thing to read and dismiss as hearsay or ramblings and say he had nothing to do with it...but to watch and listen to this is amazing. :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:
  10. Type4_PTS

    Type4_PTS Diamond Invictus SP

  11. HomoErectus

    HomoErectus New Member

    cant wait for this film.
  12. Karen#1

    Karen#1 Gold Meritorious Patron

    Thank you Emma.

    In celebration of the Church sending their OSA volunteer posse with cameras 2x in the last 2 weeks to my home to intimidate and harrass me, I will raise the ante.

    Google definition of GANG STALKING

    $$$ and more for Mark Bunker.


    Knowledge Reports and the RTC

    The Religious Technology Center (RTC) were given Police Powers, inflicting penalties, demotions and general invalidation and denigration on all staff with a cruelty that often bordered on sadism. (Instant Rehabilitation Project Force the "RPF"~~ the gulag of heavy manual labor where you are cut off from civilization, even other Sea Org members for YEARS, divorced from spouse, sleep deprivation, rice and beans diet.)

    Giddy with their new found power over the lives of Sea Org members, the RTC parades around in stern black uniforms and are taught to have a mood of "Cold Chrome Steel". Read for reports of escaped RTC members who report this further.

    You could almost state that their previous incarnation was the GESTAPO (Nazi Secret Police). In a policy letter of the the 22nd of July 1982 the RTC made it a "crime" (written largely composed by RTC staff), for any staff or public not to become a dedicated and ruthless informant. This was to be a "Knowledge Report" to the RTC. Husbands were to report on wives and vice versa, children were to report on their parents, parents on their own kids, the public on staff, staff on public, everyone was to rat on everyone else to RTC.

    +++++Then they went even further. You were an “accessory to the crime” for the slightest failure to report acts of commissions
    +++++Then they went further You were to "Knowledge report" acts of omissions as well.

    +++++Then they went further mere suspicions of commissions or omissions. Negative thoughts on management. Anything that did not toe the party line was to be Knowledge Reported to RTC in private secretive write up.

    ++++Then they went further, the RTC Policy went further by ordering identical penalties be applied to both the offender and anyone who had “failed to report” the person for his EVIL Enemy thoughts or words.

    ++++Draconian penalties and punishments without due hearings are implemented on its own staff and Sea Org Members.

    1st amendment rights for bullying, overwhelming, thuggery, punishment, humiliation, domination TAX FREE !
  13. AnonKat

    AnonKat Crusader

    rice and beans diët lacks enough protïene for the brain.

    So you get docile compliant people.

    The brain is not a shockabsorber and even if you believe to be a Sprit or Thetan still you need your brain apparatus to work properly
  14. Terril park

    Terril park Sponsor

    Love your passion. :)
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2011
  15. Type4_PTS

    Type4_PTS Diamond Invictus SP

    As do I!

    Thank-you Karen! :thumbsup:

    The definition seems to fit quite well. :ohmy:
  16. freethinker

    freethinker Sponsor

    I read an article on that once. It's very bizarre, creepy and can make a person insane.

    It's not exclusive to the church. People are recruited to do it by political parties etc.
  17. Type4_PTS

    Type4_PTS Diamond Invictus SP

    Probably though they are the only "church" engaged in this as a "religious" activity. :duh:
  18. Lohan2008

    Lohan2008 Gold Meritorious Patron

    Re: Mark Bunker's

    Beard Man's words are Wise...
    Good to see you back & doing the film doco :thumbsup:

    SP1: $20
    A Knowledge Report (KR) concerning your support of this nefarious, suppressive production.

    SP2: $50
    The KR. A thank you contributor credit in the film

    SP3: $100
    The KR. Thank you credit in the film. A signed copy of the movie on DVD when released.

    SP4: $1,000
    The KR. Thank you credit in the film. A signed copy of the movie on DVD when released. Invitation for two to a pre-screening of the film
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2011
  19. Lohan2008

    Lohan2008 Gold Meritorious Patron

  20. Lohan2008

    Lohan2008 Gold Meritorious Patron