A Christmas Message to My Friends and Family Still in Scientology::


What if we had a thread of messages to those we love and miss who are still in Scientology?

What if the thread and messages went viral so they were carried on the Internet, on Facebook and elsewhere so our loved ones actually get the messages?

It can happen.

My messages to those I love who are still in the cult of scientology:

ANN SNYDER: Merry Christmas, Ann. :heartflower: Your sense of humor, concern for staff, love and consideration of children and spitfire personality make you one of a kind. When I was in, you were one of my favorite people. I hope one day to see you again and that you will be reunited with all your old friends, too.
DUNCAN GRANT: Merry Christmas, Duncan. :blowkiss: I think of you a lot this time of year and hope you are out and free to live your life, but if you are still in, please get out soon. Thank you for being my friend and for the compassion you showed me when we were on the RPF together. If you do get out and need help, I'm here for you.

SANDY WILHERE: Merry Christmas, Sandy. You have a kind heart and I hope that COS is not abusing you in your elder years. I will always remember how you saved my sanity and interfered and stopped the abuse I was getting on the RPF and let me leave with my family intact. Much love to you. Please contact me if you ever need help getting away from the "church" and I'll be happy to assist.

I'm not sure if others like this idea, but if you do and think there is any possibility of our messages going viral and your loved ones and old friends seeing them, please add your own.


Merry christmas Logan Shea...

Merry christmas eric farrow ...

merry christmas taylor joost

Perhaps the good people at osa will relay these messages.

This is NOT OK !!!!

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Sorry I missed this last Christmas. I think about many friends in Scientology and I hope we re-kindle your wonderful idea this coming holiday season.