A disturbing video.


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So why does Andy sit there in dressing gowns, bathrobes, and at least in one case topless? What the hell?
I don't care how cold or hot it was there.
Not cool. :no:
Pseudoscientists and kooks are a pretentious bunch.
In another thread, by now snipped and offtopic, I mentioned how total lack of proofreading, if the typos and garbled quote tags etc (not the spelling) are excessive even in a short post, amounts to "disregard of the reader"... and particularly so if the content proves that this person takes their message very very seriously and thinks they know it all better! :nervous: Then I will pick on the spelling too (or in videos on choice of gestures, intonation, clothes,...) because - as others have mentioned - they should know better. Or at least they could see how their claims of superhuman abilities or beliefs of infallibility are falsified by their tasteless/careless appearance (this guy, and Trump), pretentious gesturing and intonation (this guy, and Hubbard), or retarded spelling (CoS scientologist). :blush:
Otherwise... and if it's all joking around, quickly written dadaistic posts or nonsensical comedy videos, videos of casual content, whatever... I could care less!
A scientist or a kook who appears tasteless/careless in his lections... time will judge his theories. :eyeroll:


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He came here to promote his videos and met a shitstorm in response so he never came back.

Typical scientologist - he ran away in the face of suppression.


Like water off a Ducks back for Chris, haha.



This person is seriously disturbed... I do not think scientology can help him, indy or not, what a frikken piece of work, I managed my irritation level to make it through a full minute, and as a glutton for stupid shite, will probably watch the whole mess once I haz something in my tummy to barf.





"Appears mental." Oh yes, truck on the mind-bent. Spending one's time to spew such vitriol means that they are not spending so much time to actually becoming better humans. I wonder when the last time he actually went out into the streets to help somebody. My guess is never.
Its very sad, and very much the results of Hubbard's manipulations of good minds, it does not bode well for the believers.





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Ah Ah AH!

Very funny video of Chris.:biggrin: (I had a good laughter)

I was surprise before watching, he would rely to hate messages and videos.
But then, I saw he didn't...butinstead, used a creative way of ''acknowledging and granting beigness to such messages''

I don't know Chris Shelton...I watched only a few videos of him..and I find his work is really good and unique especially for people who are in doubt, who wanna leave, who just left..also very enlightning to non-$cientologist to an appropriate gradient. People may not agree on all his views but hey..he is offering his own ''critical thinking'' not a mean to coerce people to adopt his views. ( I never though he pretended to hold THE Truth)

But one thing that speaks to ma about the person..is the way he deals with such hate and attacks.
I personnaly found, that , in regard to public figure and people adressing critical mass of followers, only when those people are under hate attacks, controversy, ad hominems, you candiscover who they truly are, and what are their hard core fundation of relationships.

Thus , the school report of Chris will be up-date as following:

University of $cientology after-life

Course: handling (insomniac) haters 101
degree: Public critic of $cientology
specialty: Humouristic light approach

session: Winter 2017
Note: A+

Well, all critics are welcome in presenting their work for public appreciation...all views are welcome. Well crafted argumentation on topics of interest, is given thorough attention and appreciation. Take note that public often have a soft spot for light and humouristic web clips. (note: personnal issues and grudge matches are usually out of interest, unless it concerns high profile celebrities)

Note to the students: You are to not confuse humour with sarcasms. They both address topics to an opposite spectrum and call upon different public reactions though. If not certain, or encountering protest about humouristic contents you are producing. you are invited to clear-up definitions and make goo duse of clay demo till the concetps is well integrated.


Gidday everyone. Hope you are all well.

Goodness, I foolishly clicked on the vid. My bad! Made it to 0:22 secs, then decided that sorting out the snail issue I have in my garden is by far a way more worthy activity.

I can't bear personal bullshit like this vid. I can't bear judgmental people that try to use humour to belittle others. It's pointless & it's designed to hurt. It is cruelty in action.



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Hi glenda,

SO glad to see you back.
Hope you too are doing well. (are you??)

Please don't do that again...
leaving the chicks alone in the dark.. :nervous:

Glenda is baaaaaaaaaack :happydance:


Hi glenda,

SO glad to see you back.
Hope you too are doing well. (are you??)

Please don't do that again...
leaving the chicks alone in the dark.. :nervous:

Glenda is baaaaaaaaaack :happydance:

Hey you. :)

I posted something on another thread to say hi to you. Mentions chocolate, alcohol and sex. :)