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A Family Torn Apart by Scientology's Disconnection Policy


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Following up on the disconnection billboard initiative, perhaps copies of this flattering image (or similar) of Hubbard could be posted around Clearwater or LA to let his devoted followers see how their mentor turned out.



Inveterate gnashnab & snoutband
If it were't for the popularity of photoshop and shooping, people would believe it. Progress shot down your great idea. Mimsey

I'm really not sure whether a forensic analysis of a digital image can determine its authenticity or not these days. If there is really no way to tell, then yes, I have to agree with you. Thanks for calling it a great idea though. :biggrin:

Little David

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Here's a larger size of the above photograph, it looks like LRH is checking out new camera stuff which includes several Takumar lenses:

Takumar is the name that Asahi Optical gave to its lenses, notably but not exclusively those for its own SLR cameras. Named after the Japanese-American portrait painter, Takuma Kajiwara (梶原啄磨 Kajiwara Takuma[SUP]?[/SUP]),[SUP][1][/SUP] whose brother Kumao Kajiwarafounded Asahi Optical.[SUP][2][/SUP] The name adorned its lenses until 1975, when Asahi switched from the M42 screw mount to the bayonet K-mount. K-mount lenses were simply named "SMC Pentax".

Pentax resurrected the Takumar name in the 1980s and 1990s for a budget line of zoom and prime lenses that lacked the Pentax "Super Multi-Coating" anti-reflective coating that reduces lens flare. These lenses are marked "Takumar (Bayonet)" or "Takumar-F" to distinguish them from the older screw-mount Takumar lenses.


I would think they are the original Takumar lenses "The name adorned its lenses until 1975" since LRH isn't known for buying "budget" items for himself: "Pentax resurrected the Takumar name in the 1980s and 1990s for a budget line of zoom and prime lenses".