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A great post about NarCONon, from someone who knows the truth,


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Re: UPDATE#2 Le Soleil: Narconon Expose - March 21, 2010


Originally Posted by Scatman
The data given to the organizations doing the evaluation of results of Narconon determines the outcome. NarCONon may only provide 70-76% graduates who state that they have remained free of street drugs and rest who state that they have not. Yes, that constitutes fraud, but Hubbard predicated scientology on fraud.
Those who run scientology and its front groups know how to lie with statistics.

Yes, they DO know how to lie......and they attempted to teach me how to do it too. And they taught me how to teach others how to lie.

AND, I hope they lie some more about the Stats. I am the one who was the Graduate Officer and looked at the False Stats everyday. I saw the Stats; I read the Stats; I compiled the Stats; and guess what?

I HAVE THE TRUE STATS and I will prove what the truth is and what the Fraud is. They can sue me until they run out of breath; I really don't care and they know it.
What they are doing is wrong; it is a lie; and it IS illegal.

Narconon Trois Rivieres is not a safe Rehab Centre, period. So let's define unsafe
and unhealthy:

- No medical staff
- No medical equipment
-No Doctor, except Lebonte in Montreal (scilon)
-No Therapists.
-No Medical treatment room
- No ongoing medical tests for the huge vitamin regime given daily.
- No medical exam upon arriving at Narconon.
- phsychological harassment by staff members upon patients.
- staff refusing or neglecting to administer RX medications for pain.
- unconscionable sexual abuses to patients
- physical injuries treated with "Assists", when Hospital Emergency required.
- patients dropped off at shelters in Montreal when disobedient to cult.
- fire hazzard inspections and upgrades need attention.
- no transition for patients when leaving NN TR - over 50% RELAPSE.
- staff quitting or leaving without permission, (Blowing), are threatened.
- medical decisions made by unqualified staff, including Executives, (S.C.)

I witnessed patients screaming in pain for untreated or delayed treatment of broken bones, infected teeth, stomach pains from the sauna pills, untreated insulin patients. and many other painful and traumatic medical problems and issues which were ever-present at Narconon Trois Rivieres. Almost all of these aforesaid patients were treated at the Trois Rivieres Hospital. The hospital saved one person's life.

Narconon Trois Rivieres is medical quackery above what I have ever seen or heard of in my life. I wrote notes everyday about what I saw that was not safe or healthy. Other patients have written me their stories.

Yes, you are right, they have lied in the past and will continue to lie; that is what they do. That is THE Hubbard Doctrine. But I believe it will be their demise. You may wonder why or how I am able to state these issues in writing without being sued by their scilon Heenan & Blaikie Law Firm? Because they know it is the truth and they know I can prove it.

It makes my blood boil knowing that they are getting away with this, but this is FAR from over.......YET. It's only begun.

Time is on my side.

David Love


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This kind of specific information is very valuable and I hope it is being turned over to people who can act on it. The scene described here is VERY scary, and one could extrapolate here to describe how Scientology handles any emergency -- like their volunteer activities in Haiti.