A little bit about me

hey people wats up? I thought i would tell abit aboubt myself for people who dont know me.

I arrived to the ANZO cadets in October of 1996 and i was the yougest at 6 years old. I remained in cadets till 2003, through which i went through many different experiences. there was many things that made me think about the church and the things it did.

In 2000 i caused a certain legal flap for OSA ANZO when i was picked up by police at 11Pm in the city of Sydney because i had missed the bus, i also stated to the police that i did not want to return to the church. This got the government interested in the church and they decided to investigate the cadet org and how the children were being looked after in the church due me not wanting to return to the church. When the church found out the investigation was going to occur they moved all the cadets off the base to a separate berthing for outer org trainees for several days while the investigation occured. This was something that made me wonder what they were trying to hide, looking back at it now i can see what they were trying to hide.

Anyway there is a few things like that that always made me wonder whether or not the church was actually straight on everything.

I joined the EPF in 2003 when i was 13 and graduated eventually into becoming a ful SO member, i was totally excited as to what was in store for me being a cadet for so long.

Gee, now that i am writing this there is a lot of things i could write and say but i want this to be simple and give a general background of me.

I was RPFed in Dec of 2006 for specific reasons, and spent till December 2010 there until i finally blew. Why so long? my program was changed three times through the course of my program and i worked in almost every area of the RPF, and a lot of things happened on the RPF. Through the course of my RPF i wanted to leave so many times but never had anywhere to go. I had never lived outside of the church before, i was always around it or living with people who worked there. so the influence of the church was always there, so i was always terrified of leaving it.

It wasnt till December 2010 when my father came down to check up on me and see how i was going. He gave me the option to leave and that if i didnt want to stay i could go with him. Me being still in the RPF and so "close"to graduating (little did i know i still had another 4 months due to reprogramming) I denied the offer. A week later i finally saw that i would be on the RPF for a lot longer than i thought, so i blew and have not returned or had second thougts about it.

When I left, the church did a lot to try and get me back, I was told that if i returned i would be given a Board of Review on my RPF assignment upon return.... makes sense? not per any policy i know. The hardest part was telling my mother i would not return to the church...... it was not easy for either of us. But i had to refuse as i did not want to go back to the RPF after 3 years of being there and saw no future there.

So i have been out since December of last year and have done alot, experienced alot more and i like to say "lived life""and loving it.

I am so grateful for my father and that he was there when i needed him.

That should give you a general idea of who i am.

gee, how come it feels sooo good to say something on your mind and not be judged or punished for it. Till next time :coolwink:


Con te partirò
Hey you!!! Nice to see you here.

I loved the story of you & your dad. On ESMB we were all waiting for any news & when your dad was able to tell us that you'd left it was AMAZING.

Welcome to ESMB. :coolwink:


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I was following your Dad's thread and to read you were out and safe was wonderful news. Thank you for sharing your story.

I wish you every happiness in your new free life.


What a beautiful post. Thank you.

Due to hearing the story from your dad's point of view
(and he pops in now and again and gives great updates)
I was SUPER impressed with you already!

You are a courageous soul.



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Yes, a HUGE WELCOME to you growntree!!!!! :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

Your story made my heart swell, your dad's version was moving enough but coming from you gave it even more meaning. So happy you escaped and can now learn to live and feel like a normal person.

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So glad you are here! What a story -- Would love to hear the full version whenever you are ready. :)


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Many of us here at ESMB followed your father's story.
We shared in his joy at your escape.

It's like you are part of the family.

It's nice to hear from you.

Stay in touch.




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Great that you're finally posting here, thegrowntree!

Believe that it will be an inspiration to others!
So glad you're Dad was there to pave a way out for you! You're very
lucky to be so loved and cared for and now living your life in freedom!
Very happy for you!
Welcome, welcome dear one! I'm so very glad that you joined us here!

You have no idea how hard I was praying for you and your Dad, and the rest of your family.

I'm so glad you got out of that trap! :happydance:

Enjoy your wonderful new life! You get to create it as you want it to be! You deserve everything good that life has to offer in the way of experiences, so enjoy! :thumbsup:

How was your first Christmas as a free being?


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Welcome out. And welcome to the board. As it takes a while to figure things out, share what you can when you can.


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Hey you!!! Nice to see you here.

I loved the story of you & your dad. On ESMB we were all waiting for any news & when your dad was able to tell us that you'd left it was AMAZING.

Welcome to ESMB. :coolwink:

Yeah, that was wonderful news. It's great to have you here. We love you already. :happydance:

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Wow church did a good job of hiding from me that you did not want to go back all the way back then when the police incident happened. Scientology :police::naughty:
Shane live it up I will always be here for you.:dancer: - he has become quiet a dancer:clap:


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Welcome, thegrowntree!

How awful it must have been to be scared to leave that group and have no choice. So stressful for you.

I'm glad you found us and thanks for your story so far. We really love stories here and anytime you wish to elaborate is fine by me. Meantime, have fun!

Oh god, I've eaten too many mince pies (burp). Why do they make them so rich?