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A little bit about my story


I understand that you need time. That's all good, and there are no expectations this end.

Be sure to contact those you know, if and when you feel comfortable to do so. Keep in mind though, that maybe the sooner you do, the better you'll feel.

All the best :thumbsup:


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:welcome2: Welcome Lostnfound! I was public and on staff for 3 years before I joined the SO. And I stayed only 1 year before I blew. I definately felt chewed up and spit out like I'm sure that you did! But if I hadn't joined the SO, I probably would have stayed in scientology for many more years, if I ever got out at all. I'm so happy for you that you got your life back. It's like it's all just starting now, isn't it? :yes: Take care and when you feel like it, we would all love to read your story. :bighug:


Welcome Lostnfound! Good for you on figuring it all out so fast after you left! It took me a lot longer. :) You are among friends here.