A Mother's Heartbreak with Lori Hodgson


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Show Time: Sunday night, November 3, 2013, 7 Pacific / 8 Mountain / 9 Central / 10 Eastern

Earlier this year, Lori Hodgson joined a panel of brave women dubbed “The X-Women” to share her disturbing story about Scientology with God Discussion’s Freethought Fridays & Variety Show with Al and Deborah.

Lori has directly experienced the nightmare of what Scientology does to families. In the original broadcast, Lori shared the fact that her son, daughter, and ex-husband were still active members who decided to follow Scientology policy by “disconnecting” from her (see Lori’s heart-wrenching open letter to her children) . Lori joined Scientology in 1976 when she was 13. Having virtually grown up in one of the world’s most secretive organizations, she eventually left her staff position and continued as a parishioner, known as a “public.”

Lori will join Rob Robinson in World Cult Watch with updates to her story. Declared a suppressive person (excommunicated) by the “church,” she is still shunned by her children. In the past three years, she has only been allowed to see her son Jeremy twice, and her daughter Jessica once. Lori has been battling the “church” to reclaim her right to see her kids.

Lori will be glad to answer questions and Rob encourages supportive comments from the audience.


World Cult Watch, a weekly program that airs every Sunday night, is intended to not only offer news and information about cults, but to provide a forum where cult survivors — and those wanting to leave — have a chance to talk and receive emotional support.


In present time

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oh man, every time i hear lori i cry.
i know the cult affected my children, but her story reminds me that i

had it so easy.

thank you for these shows rob. they mean a lot.


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