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I've tried this process on a few friends with good results and wanted to post here for feedback.
I just wanted to get this out there because I believe tech should be free to all. As with free open source software, that's free as in freedom not free as in free beer.

Bubble wrap audit.

Materials required, a small square of bubble wrap to act as destructible mass.
Please note, in order for process to go correctly do not ask details about events, just yes or no questions.

First Level,

Step 1: Beginning of Session

Ask the subject, “Are you comfortable? Have you had enough to eat? Is there any reason you see that we can not proceed with the session?"
If yes to all three, “Beginning of session. Place your finger on a bubble in front of you.”

Step 2: Induce reverie or close eyes

If yes to all three tell the subject, “Look up at the ceiling. When I count from one to seven your eyes will close. One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven.” Repeat counting until eye lids start to flutter.

Step 3:Install canceler

Tell the subject, “You will remain aware of everything that goes on. You will be able to remember everything that happens here. You can pull yourself out of anything you get into if you don’t like it.In the future, when I utter the word canceled, everything which I have said to you in session will be canceled and will have no force with you. Any suggestion I have made to you will be without force when I say the word canceled. Do you understand?”

Step 4: Bring up time track

“Visualize your time track in front of you running through the bubble under under your finger. The events that have the focus of your attention will be in that bubble."

Step 5A: Return subject to the past

“Move down the time track until you get to the event you wish to audit.”

Step 5:

When you arrive at the event, ask the subject, “Is there an earlier event connected to this event at cause?”
If yes, ask;
Can you return to that event at this time?
Is this an event you are comfortable clearing?
Is there too much existence on this event to clear at this time?
If the answer is yes or maybe to all of the above move time track to that event and start Step 5B again.
When satisfied that you are at root cause move onto Step 6.

Step 6: Work with memory to get at the data

Tell subject, “ Do not give any description to the event we are auditing. I will ask simple yes or no questions to determine when we are ready. Do you understand?”
“Good, play through the event from beginning to end. Tell me when you have finished.”
Ask yes or no questions,
Can you clearly hear what is going on?
Are there any other sounds there?
Can you feel the moment?
Contact the somatic.
Do you have contact with the somatic?
Can you smell what’s going on?
Can you feel tactile sensation?
Can you see the colors there?
Can you feel any movement?

Ask, “Are you satisfied that you have the beginning, middle and end of the event?”
If the answer is no, instruct subject, “Go back to the beginning and go over the event again. Pick up any additional data you can contact.”
If the answer is yes, move onto the next step.
Note: If this event remains in blackout after several returns there is likely a secondary blanking it. Use Step 7A to bring up secondary events and clear those one by one until Primary is available.

Step 7A: Identify and sort secondary events

Instruct subject, “Now I want you to bing up all events connected to this one, you should be able to see in front of you, all secondary events connected to this one, connected by a thread. Look at these events one by one and decide if you want to keep some or all of the contents. If so with your other hand pluck and destroy the connecting thread, when done move the disconnected event to the side. Let me know when you are ready to proceed.”
When subject is ready, direct subject “ Place the disconnected secondary events into another bubble and place the finger of your other hand on that bubble to hold them.”

Step 7B: Clear event

Instruct the subject, “ Pop the bubble.”
If and your subject are doing well the charge on the primary and secondaries will be clear of charge. <If you are doing very well the events will be gone altogether, and the secondary events held under the other hand will be changed considerably.> Ask the subject then to pull the held secondaries up and decide if the tone has changed enough on any of them so that they are no longer, “bad,” and to release those. If they are still bad move them back to the bubble and pop them.
If charge remains on primary go back to Step 6. If primary is clear but secondaries still have charge go back up the chain and repeat Step 6 on the highest charge secondary. The subject should know which secondary has the most charge without you having to move to the meter.

Step 8: Bring subject to present time

Tell subject, “Come to present time.”
Ask, “Are you in present time?”

Step 9: Cancel

Say, “Canceled.”

Step 10: Restore Subject to full awareness

Tell subject, “When I count down from five to one and snap my fingers you will feel alert. Five, four, three, two, one.”
Snap your finger.

Why I think it works.

First and Second Principle of Dynamic Auditing

There are two observable phenomena I would like to discus in this paper regarding dynamic principles of existence.

First is the phenomena of auditing drag. The church has been aware of this for quite some time, they choose to continue to move forward with flawed tech for a number of reasons that can’t be outlined for political reasons.

Essentially when you are going up in tone the primary thing holding you back is the percepts of the auditor himself. Just as you need a trained auditor to audit, since the auditor has to pull you up to some degree, where you are and how far you rise is also resisted by his relative perception.

It’s why so many processes have to start by stating the purpose, to grant being, because without that a human beings own natural inclinations produce too much drag to overcome. It’s also why when psychologists pick up the auditing processes and run them they don’t get anywhere, they don’t want them to work quiet simply so they produce no pull to raise your levels. In an auditors case we are also running into a psychological drag because people in general resent those who rise easier than they did so in essence an auditor will subconsciously hold his PC back. This gets to the root of the issue regarding good auditors tend to train good auditors, because having received good auditing and risen faster than most one is less inclined to hold his own PC back from going up.

On an additional drawback that tends to reinforce this process is that auditors receive a bundle of surplus existence, “blowing them up,” by withholding some of that raise from their preclear, this in essence creates an energy greed that can also reinforce bad auditing.

The way I’ve discovered to avoid this is if the auditor gives no existence to what is being audited. Pull no viso, ask no open questions and in essence give no reality to the events, engrams or locks being audited.

One more thing to note, I believe that it’s this auditing drag that causes the negative effects of going up too quickly since with this process that doesn’t seem to happen.

It also seems to help in the process if the auditor has made no attempts to evaluate the level of the preclear so there is no percept to push back on. The church likes to audit with drag because the auditor himself is pushed up up by this resistance like riding the bow wave of a boat.

The second principle is to audit with destructible mass. You gain better results if you audit with mass and this has been known for some time but for some reason the church likes to define mass as having to pay for it. You gain much better results nullifying charge if you take something that represents the charge and destroy it in the returning. I like to use bubble wrap, just have the time track run through the bubble under your subjects finger and when you get to the event, while giving no existence to the event, so make sure the auditor isn’t looking into the viso, somatic or audio. Ask for no description, just if they have it clear in their mind, it may be necessary when running engrams or secondaries to return to it enough to get a clear picture in their head. When comm lag goes flat on the basic yes or no questions in the following process pop the bubble.

The first time I ever done this I got results akin to an OT breaking a ridge, all sorts of flapping arms and body gyrations. Massive reaction.


stubborn rebel sheep!
The first time I ever done this I got results akin to an OT breaking a ridge, all sorts of flapping arms and body gyrations. Massive reaction.


Oh god!

LRH has escaped again !

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Oh god!

LRH had escaped again !


The trolls are coming out from under the bridge (HAHA - didn't intend the pun but there it is!) and masquerading as the old tub himself. Guys, he's not gonna be happy when he gets back. Pretty sure that new tech thing is completely off policy.


stubborn rebel sheep!
The trolls are coming out from under the bridge (HAHA - didn't intend the pun but there it is!) and masquerading as the old tub himself. Guys, he's not gonna be happy when he gets back. Pretty sure that new tech thing is completely off policy.


How about we launch an implant attack (gorilla goals and obscene dog) as soon as they check in ????