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My apologies in advance for brutalizing the artform - but I have fun with stuff like this. - a fantasy of fleeting facts.


Elron’s message can’t get through
The looking glass that Alice knew
Snow White – the dwarf is such a clue
His Creston Bluebird message true
Was bent and altered through and through
paranoia he was betrayed –
And Elron’s dwarf a leader made.


Who was this DWARF?
You have to ask?
He seized the power to do this task.
Misgivings should occur to you
A Xenu agent? Seek what's true.

Ask Dopey if you dare – I do.
No Rundowns are required of you?
No Sec-Check gang-bangs? - folders viewed?
What crimes are yours? – you never show
Entheta or out how does one know?
Misgivings grow with no controls
What audits are required of he
Who seized the power of LRH?

The Commodore 2 admirals named
But Dopey laid those giants low
The Dwarf was strong and on his game
All power was seized – and there remains

Pope’s power is made when Cardinals vote
But transferred here without one note
With Elron’s
death, the die was cast
All rivals true were cast away
So RPF the Dwarf’s ‘once friends’
Forever in the H
ole they go, or try to blow
And lose their Hats forever gone
Like Hatter's mad at evening tea
So late - too late the rabbit leaves.


So let’s be CLEAR the war is lost
Misgivings win is
Elron's Loss
Xenu’s Dwarf has seized control
The rank and file can never know.

For Xenu is this victory?
Slow death of Scientology
The Dwarf Misgivings bloody rich
Yells “lock her up” and jails the bitch
He rides his bike with Gunner Crude
And nabs some young and nubile child
While Shelly rots in iso-hell
A ghost that haunts a mountain cell.

While Dwarf rides Gulfstream’s round the world
To build and open Ideal Orgs
He CLEARS the life from seekers new
CLEARS their accounts and CLEARS their souls
And leaves them Cleared as Sea Org slaves
While lawyers rage and keep him free.
From every legal scrutiny.

The Freewinds is his private yacht
The slave force Sea Org keeps well greased
And filled with awestruck OT eights
Who fuel his trips through tropic seas

This Dwarf is now a Deity –
A living God upon the Sea
Untouchable and living large
This God of Cult, the Lord of Fraud
He stole the
lies of LRH and seized the cult
That serves his greed – a huge and ever growing need.

So level up and pay the freight
You Sea Org slaves will work so late
Yes SIR, Yes Sir more books to sell
More tests to take and lies to tell
Your lot in life is misery – your souls are lost
You are not free – The Bridge is but a fiction made
To steal your fire, your
faith, and soul
Look in your heart where truth does glow
An open book for you to know.

When leaders say you must not read
You cannot speak to those SP’s
You cannot seek or view harsh words
Must disconnect with loves of old

A Christian knows the tests of Job
How Jesus spent those 40 nights
Siddhartha left his cloistered life
And chose to face a world of strife
Abraham was shown the knife
And told to take Son Isaac’s life
But Sea Org slaves cannot withstand
The petty doubts and lies of man?

What cowards they, these mewling wimps
Who cannot face the AFTERMATH and
GOING CLEAR is such a fright
Like Rinder’s Blog or Hawkins book or
Paulette Cooper’s lovely look.
Or even daddy’s Ruthless light.

You might be wealthy and secure
While life will end a soul endures
And comes to find eternal fire
Where Greed may meet the true God’s ire.

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Operating teatime

A nicely crafted potted tale
Of mysteries and lies and ails
I think the folks ESMB
Appreciate your poetry



Reply to bump this post from Jump
Kind words well received
My cup is full - a chord was struck
And I am much relieved.

Thank you Jump
and those who "liked".
this foray into rhyme
I must admit my drink was spiked
A vodka laced with lime
. :eyeroll:

Perhaps a Haiku fest - everyone can play?
Simple 5, 7, 5 syllables in 3 lines

Dry desert wasteland
Sadly forced to bear a stain
Gold Base pollution

Sea Org on Freewinds
Floats in mute anger a cold
Dead weight OT Eights

Cleared reactive minds
Used to Clear accounts of wealth
End this cult of fraud

Dave B.

Maximus Ultimus Mostimus
A haiku of my short time in Hubbard's Faux Navy:

Salvage this sector....
by stealing my toilet paper?
You need a plan "B"