A Psychiatrist in Scientology


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So I've been sitting on this one for a little while and not quite sure how to start it. Basically, I knew a (now-deceased) psychiatrists who actually in Scientology at one point.

He would have been mostly in London but occasionally at St. Hill around the mid-1960's. I know he met Hubbard so presumably some of this time was before he left for sea.

When did the crazy anti-psych stuff start? Was Hubbard still trying to convince psychiatrists that he was on to something at this point?

In all honestly, with a little less hubris and more willingness to look on his ideas as a theory rather than "scientific fact" he could easily have gotten more psychiatrists interested. In my experience, they tend to be pretty open to different theories of consciousness and interaction models since there are still huge gaps in our understanding of the mind.

Unfortunately, I didn't know enough to ask the right questions last time I talked to this psychiatrist but I recall him saying that he thought Hubbard had some interesting ideas to start with but was fixated on the idea of the "bridge" and continuing progression even though he had really no idea what the next step was.

Was anyone here around in that era?


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Hubbard was antagonistic about psychs pre Dianetics although ill have to see where i saw info on this,from 50 on i have info, the fall out with Winter, jolly west and a ton of other psychs involved around the Dianetics time period, it was mainly professional analysts , , he set up the NAAP to attack psychs in the mid 50s, the The Alaska Mental Health Enabling Act of 1956 about siberian psych death camps Hubbard falsely took credit for squashing

Hubbard also wrote the russian secret police Beria brainwashing manual, 1955, with references to psychs taking over.

Hubbard on tape joked and degraded Psychs 1960

Early feb 52 he wrote about loophole in human rights, black dianetics about psychs or govt being able to seize any citizen using insanity.

Dianetics itself he criticized the barbaric treatments of neuro surgeons and lobotomies and ECT treatment.