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A test of whole track recall


Oh, a wise guy,eh?
Natural Clear? Well...maybe kinda amber, actually...



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Another WTF about Ye Olde State of Clear ( & Varients ) per Dr. Hubbard

ok, so you say you are a natural clear. Please explain the logic behind your thinking you are a natural clear?

Yes, Natural Clear. terril you please kindly explain it ?


Re: Another WTF about Ye Olde State of Clear ( & Varients ) per Dr. Hubbard

Yes, Natural Clear. terril you please kindly explain it ?

I'm waiting with bated breath.

It's a mystery only known to Terril? :confused2:
To Free Being Me - much earlier in this thread I was arguing to possibility of an earlier, advanced society and posted some pictures of stone cutting and the obsidian spools by way of example. You made some really valid points, which I appreciate. If you have some time - take a look at this video. It is of the Serapeum at Saqqara in Egypt. It has some truly astounding footage of the place. For instance look at 4:18 There are some stone boxes that weigh some 50 thousand kilos or so - how did they move them in these tunnels?

Interestingly, most of these boxes are made of rose granite, an extremely hard rock mined at a quarry located about 800 kilometers from Saqqara while other boxes were made from an even harder material, diorite, found even further away from Saqqara.

The precision of the boxes is another characteristics that has left researchers or anyone who visits the place, baffled, with deviations registering in the thousandths of an inch. Extreme precision… thousands of years ago, the question remains: How is this possible? What are we missing here?

It is a truly amazing site. I really love the arched doorways - I wonder if they are original and carved in stone or later plaster work?




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Natural Clear . . . .defined

It goes like this :

" I said I'm clear.
I believe it !
& that settles it " !

And it something a person believes ( which under what is true you is true for you ) suddenly changes to it is also true, period !

It isn't a slight of hand, it's a slight of mind - well, that's also known as insanity.

My experience in talking to insane people is it always goes in circles, words change meanings & what the person said they claim they didn't say - sort of like discussing " clear ".

Natural Clear lacks the much vaulted must be known ' time, place, form, & event' . This is never any preciseness to it. It's vague, it lacks definition.

Date Locate Natural Clear. Nope. No can do !

Ask a Natural Clear what does it mean & you'll have to settle for " I've always been clear " ( accompanied by a cat that ate the canary grin )

What a win, eh ?