Aaron Saxton AVO - Case Dismissed

aaron saxton

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At the courthouse today, I was joined not just my legal council, but importantly persons there for moral support. I really needed it.

The case of Sue Hunt has been dismissed.

Now for the Cyrus Brooks AVO.

I want to thank people for their support they have shown. I want everyone to know I support them in everything they are doing, too.

The amount of people coming forward is a tidal wave. If anyone reading this hasn't come out yet to tell their story, please do so.

I also expect OSA's resignation in the mail soon. I do not know what those guys are planning next - but whatever it is, it is clear an obvious that they are going to be defeated, even if it causes hardship in the short term.

They do not have the resource or the manpower to confront 10,000 people worldwide in fair gaming us.

Make your stand if you have not as yet, and let us show them what real power is.

We will not be silenced.

And now it is our voices booming above theirs at every turn, in the media, on youtube, in the papers, in public polls, in front of their door steps and wherever one turns.

Message to my old friends in the SO (OSA, please forward):

"We can't wait to see you come to the other side and learn what freedom really is. And to celebrate free choice. I, and all your old friends miss you dreadfully. We are doing this to bring you back to your senses. We love you. We always have."


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Go Aaron! Hopefully some of these staff members will "cognite" as to why scientology is one of the most hated groups in the world. Hint: It's not because of a bunch of guys in lab coats in Leipzig.


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From Tamphex WWP;
Today attended the mention for the 1st AVO (Sue Hunt); case was dismissed and will not be going to a hearing. The representation for Sue Hunt was not in attendance, so Aaron's legal representation requested a dismissal which was instantly granted.

Amusingly enough, whilst we were standing outside, Sue Hunt's legal representation made a sly attempt to enter the courthouse unnoticed. She was however spotted & followed back into the court room. Her attempt to have a private audience with the magistrate was denied, with the advice of going back to the client and advising them of their legal rights now that the case has been dismissed. Along with carrying a rather thick binder, she also was carrying a large duffel bag - contents at this time still unknown. New evidence to be presented perhaps hurriedly put together for this mornings hearing? Maybe her time could have been better spent ensuring she reached the court house in time.

It was amusing to see the Magistrate deny Sue Hunt's solicitor the right. I guess the Magistrate knows when he hears lies. And with the Cult manufacturing such ridiculous evidence, I guess we should get used to Magistrates taking any matter the Cult brings, with a grain of salt. The Solicitor pleaded with Magistrate to at least have an opportunity to speak regarding the important evidence that would justify reasonable grounds for having the mention done there and then (even though Aaron was gone), but he Magistrate was unimpressed and saw through the charade.

Arms crossed , with a straight face, the Magistrate had to again deny her request and appeared unamused.

Understandably, Aaron is feeling relieved and looking forward to taking some quality "Aaron time" for the moment.

The remaining AVO (Cyrus Brooks) is still set for 11th of May.

Turned up late, LOL :duh:


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Way to go, Aaron! :clap:

:dancer: :dance3:

:party: :dance2:

Yes, a tidal wave of exes would be so very appropriate.

A special thank-you to OSA, for proving that fair game is alive and well. We couldn't win this battle without you! :thumbsup: David Miscavige will be so pleased with you. :D

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Congratulations, Aaron! It restores my faith in the legal system to see justice done in a commonsense decision like this. It really makes my blood boil, that people abusing the system like this just makes it harder for real women in need such as victims of domestic violence and other people whom the system was designed to help and support. I wonder how much their frivolous attempt at harrassment has cost the taxpayer this time?


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Dear Aaron,

Congrats on having the stomach to see it through.

And please do NOT forget to gather up your wins collectively so that you can present to future magistrates a case for what they call in the US, "frivolous lawsuits".

If OSA is silly enough to keep trying, you start showing how they are doing this as harrassment, they go into total lockdown lose. Beauty, eh?


I reckon the "late turn up" was a ploy by the CofS. Solicitors don't turn up "late" for cases, unless they are on their death bed without a phone - Better to have a case dismissed than a lost one.

Either way, it's funny, and I reckon the magistrate dealing with the next AVO will see it as a ploy too.


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Do take a little Aaron time, Aaron.

I am sooooo ready for the tidal wave!!!


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Way to go, Azza!!:thumbsup:

And thanks to all who turned up to support him.:clap::clap::clap:

Hopefully Cyrus will turn up for the next date, if only for our lulz.:D


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Aaron posted a response

You guys are incredible. You always have been.
I'm not gonna cry cause I know I'm gunna see another one of em damn photoshopped images I KNOW IT!
I say thank you


From Tamphex WWP;

Turned up late, LOL :duh:

Thanks for posting Tamphex's description of the proceedings. The details are very interesting.

Also thanks to the lawyer who was late. :D It figures the cult would hire a lawyer who can't keep time.


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I reckon the "late turn up" was a ploy by the CofS. Solicitors don't turn up "late" for cases, unless they are on their death bed without a phone - Better to have a case dismissed than a lost one.

Either way, it's funny, and I reckon the magistrate dealing with the next AVO will see it as a ploy too.

Aren't you clever. :)