Aaron Saxton: General Response to Public Questions


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Thanks, dchoiceisalwaysrs. Thanks. I searched for it using the same keywords and nada came up.

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All Aaron's videos can be found here
aaronsaxton1 Youtube Channel

Scientology library: “Aaron Saxton (aka Aaron Tweddell)”

Scientology library: “Carmel Underwood”
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Not me with Aaron on these vids....

I just saw this 2 part video interview of Aaron Saxton ( formerly Aaron Tweddell by Carmel Underwood where he gives a general response to the many public questions he's received. The Sea Org is discussed in general as well. These are very good and definately worth the 15 mins of your time if you have not seen it.
I helped Aaron do his first vid (7 parts) when he was in Oz, for the interview with Sen Xen and for the Channel 7 tv pgm. That was all I did in regard to interviews with Aaron.

I think you'll find that sallydance/Glenda did this interview with Aaron. :)