Aaron Saxton: Shocking truth behind the Xenu story


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Thank you for standing up and putting this info out to all. This is incredibly interesting and very useful. The bigger picture begins to take shape, the mysteries fold and wither...

Really this is remarkable.


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From http://www.freezone.org/cbr/sector9/e_sob20.htm, a small excerpt:
In the 19th Century, Xenu carried on his plan for world domination by taking bodies in the Rothschild banking family. The infiltration and take-over of secret societies such as the Masons, a continuing part of his plan to gain "insider" control, was also accomplished.

In the 20th Century, he and his conspirators influenced the exact points of monetary and political power needed to bring their world domination plan to its conclusion. Xenu controlled the body of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the American President, in the early 1940's and planned for the use and control of atomic and nuclear weapons to keep the populations of Earth in fear and terror. He also "gave away" several formerly free countries to the World Banker financed and controlled Soviet Union at Yalta in 1945. His orders to use the atomic bomb were carried out by his Vice President Truman after FDR's death on April 12, 1945. The atomic bombs were dropped on Japan on August 6th and 9th 1945 despite the fact that Japan had been trying to surrender since March 1945.

Discarding the body of FDR, Xenu then inhabited the body of Per Jacobsson, an international economist with the Bank of International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland. The BIS, as it is called, was set up by the Markabians in 1930 to control international finance and the reserves and currencies of all nations. Xenu, as Jacobsson (or Herr J. as he is called by the Germans), personally carried out much of this part of the world domination plan and also saw to it that his co-conspirators and Markabian senior executives filled all the important posts in the Bank.​
Sounds like more hallucination and paranoia. How much of it is Hubbard's, and how much CBR's, I don't know.

I haven't seen or heard of the LRH FOs Aaron talks about, but in the light of the above, which plainly does exist, their existence is not unreasonable.


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The part about the World Bank is in RJ67. The thing about the jews is new to me. It would be nice to liberate the FO's to see exactly what was said. It is obvious from reading reports of those who were there that LRH was "stuck in an incident" and "still fighting a non-existent war" during this time, as well as reportedly heavily self-medicated. The sea org became a transference mechanism for the his BPC that he failed to confront and handle.
And also kool-aid to some very serious psychopaths.

I take it that Aaron has not "done Ot III"....

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I think this is better information than just OT3 data.

Can you imagine the outcome if we have clear evidence that he was an anti-semite?

Slimetology would become the last resting place of the neo-fascists, that would please the dwarf no end, at last like minded freeks.

Where is this thing??????????????

Tim Skog

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This is very interesting information. I am glad Aaron has come out with this. It helps in understanding the insanity of what LRH was doing at that time and is a very plausible reason why the S.O. was created.

I would love it if a copy of this F.O. were to ever surface. I'm sure it's under lock and key.


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I have listened to what Aaron has stated in his various video revelations. No doubt many people will be "shocked" by his dramatic statements. However, there are some errors in the time line and also the detail about the start of the Sea Org.

I was there with Ron in 1967, right up to the end of the Sea Project. I sat there as he delivered RJ67. In late October 67 I elected not to jump in straight away to sign a "billion year " contract. Instead I returned to St Hill to be checked out as one of the first OT2 completions and to do the ClVII course and then join the crew in Valencia where I became Chief of Advanced Courses.

Flag Orders were first issued in May/June 1967. These consisted of a series of instructions on behavour on board ship. One famous issue was F.O. 38 "Etiquette", which came out after a series of incidents on board in Las Palmas. These included Wally Burgess hurling a plate of food at the MAA, Haskell Cooke, Bill Howey taking the micky out of Bill Robertson, Yvonne Gillham treating Joe van Staden( in his new officers hat) as an ice cream salesman, me taking the piss out of Frank McCall. Hubbard decided to step in and nip it in thr bud before someone got cut up in a knife fight.

As Chief of Advanced Courses I had sole access to the safe where we kept the original OT3 materials, confidential EO on Xemu and the final OT level. (unissued). The "dramatic" FO's that Aaron talks about would have certainly been made privvy to Bill Robertson, Otto Roos, Alan Walter and myself. We never saw such issues. Maybe they existed, but I never saw them.

Hubbard was certainly becoming more and more mentally unstable through 1967 and 1968. What Aaron describes fits in well with the sort of wild ramblings Hubbard used to come out with.

Let us see if we can get hold of these documents as they would be very explosive.



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RJ67 was frequently played for Sea Org staff. It does include information on the track of the World bankers and the 12 enemies here now and throughout history. I am trying to find an audio and full transcript of it. Here is a fair use excerpt of the "RJ 67" transcript:

L. Ron Hubbard said:
"From here on the world will change; but if it changes at all, and if
it recovers, it will be because of the Scientologist, it will be
because of the auditor and his technical skill, it will be because of
the organization and the organization staff member and his dedication.
In all the broad universe, there is no other hope for man than
ourselves. This is a tremendous responsibility. I have borne it too
long alone. You share it with me now. This is however the game in which
everyone wins, no matter which Ethics action is taken, no matter what
activities go forward; in the ultimate, everyone will win. I am very
thankful that you exist. I need your help. I need your support. And no
matter what you are doing in Scientology outside or inside
organizations, you are helping me, and you are helping us, and you are
also moving forward to the resolution of aberration, war, and dismay
in this universe.

An essential difference between us and those who make mock of such
efforts is we know where we're going, we know what we're doing, and
we're moving forward on a very positive, laudable, decent track. We
are doing our jobs. That cannot be said for others.

I am very glad to have had this opportunity to talk to you, and I hope
the data I have given you is of some aid and assistance in clarifying
what is going on, and dispelling any doubts or wonders; and more
importantly, I hope this is used in aligning the efforts to come
forward and to make this a better world and a better universe.

Thank you very much for being here. I appreciate what you're doing. I
need your help, and I'm very grateful for what you have done.

Goodbye for now. I will see you up the line at the other end of the

L. Ron Hubbard"

An eerie coincidence I noticed regarding the 1st Anonymous "Message to Scientology" Video:

"Hello, Scientology. We are Anonymous."


The Anonymous video sounds like a parody of RJ 67.

Any ex-Sea Org, staff or Public who ever heard Ron's Journal 67 (and I know many of you must have); I imagine you will recognize the parse and content. Just watch that video again and remember Ron's voice...

Note: Used copies of RJ67 are for sale on Amazon.com, also they can be downloaded from various sites. The leaked copies seem to have been removed.

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Per what Aaron claimed about Hubbard's thought on Jews, wouldn't you think
maybe Jews wouldn't be allowed to join the SO, Staff, much less scn? :unsure:


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Here is an excerpt from:

Civil Action No. 95B2143 [Sep 1995]
vs. F.A.C.T.NET, INC., et al., Defendants.

This is cult official Warren McShane testifying under oath:

Q And do the uniforms of the Sea Organization itself reflect that information?

A Yes, they do.

Q In what way?

A Well, the uniforms are designed to reflect the Galactic confederation,
which we believe existed many, many years ago. In fact on our hat that we
wear have a emblem on it which is published in our technical dictionary.
It has a lower wreath with 26 leaves on it and those stand for the 26
planets that existed in this sector of the universe. The star itself
that's on the emblem reflects the spirit and we wear those as a symbol of
what we stand for, who we are.

More here: http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~dst/OTIII/mcshane-rj67.txt


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Per what Aaron claimed about Hubbard's thought on Jews, wouldn't you think
maybe Jews wouldn't be allowed to join the SO, Staff, much less scn? :unsure:

Aaron explains that in the 2nd video. Also per what L. Ron Hubbard said about blacks, gays, chinese and several other groups of people you might think they wouldn't be allowed to join the cult either, let alone want to.


Of course we all know that the only real crime in scientology is not giving the cult money.


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Another fair use quote from RJ67 (A 45 minute lecture L. Ron Hubbard gave in 1967):

Ron's Journal 67
(quotation from recording made 20 Sept 67)

With all of this action being taken against us in the last 17 years I found after the Southern African matter that it was vitally necessary that I isolate who it was on this planet who was attacking us. The attacks were always of the same pattern. They always followed the same newspaper routes. They always used the same type of parliamentary member. And I thought that I had better look into this very thoroughly. The organization under the direction of Mary Sue* employed, and actually had employed earlier than I returned from Southern Africa, employed several professional intelligence agents who had long and successful professional backgrounds and they looked into this matter for us. And the result of their activities, although it's still in progress, have told us all that we needed to know with regard to any enemy we had on this planet.

Our enemies on this planet are less than 12 men. They are members of the Bank of England and other higher financial circles. They own and control newspaper chains and they are oddly enough directors in all the Mental Health groups in the world which have sprung up. Now these chaps are very interesting fellows. They have fantastically corrupt backgrounds, illegitimate children, government graft, a very unsavoury lot. And they apparently some time in the rather distant past had determined upon a course of action. Being in control of most of the gold supplies of the planet they entered upon a program of bringing every government to bankruptcy and under their thumb, so that no government would be able to act politically without their permission.

The rest of their apparent program was to use mental health, which is to say psychiatric electric shock and prefontal lobotomy, to remove from their path any political dissenters. They were the people behind the Siberia Bill, which almost passed the House of Representatives in the United States, and did pass, if I remember rightly, the Senate, which gave the power to any governor in... of any state in the United States simply to pick up anyone on the street and send him to Alaska. We defeated this Siberia Bill and many other mental health “acts” of this character, but never really before knew from whom they were coming.

Anyway, these fellows have gotten nearly every government in the world to owe them considerable quantities of money through various chicaneries. And they control, of course, income tax, government finance.... Wilson for instance, the current Premier of England, is totally involved with these fellows and talks about nothing else actually.

They organized these mental health groups which sprang up simultaneously all over the world and anything that has mental health in it, in its name, or mental hygiene, or other things of that character, such names as that are all part of the organization which stems from these, less than a dozen really, men. Now, this is very interesting, because we, innocently, moved forward in 1950 and came straight across this very very broad plot. If there was a cure to mental illness, then people would say, “You had better send him to an auditor”, and would begin to ask questions, if someone was electric shocked or given a prefontal lobotomy. Whereas only by electric shocking and prefrontal lobotomies could they effectively remove their political enemies or objectors.

Now, of course, these fellows are very suppressive indeed and they are actually quite miserable. They're fighting the Martians and everyone and anyone is their enemy. They are very badly served. Any of their people can be bought for £100. These fellows are unable, of course as any Suppressive, really to complete a cycle of action and they always choose the wrong target whenever they go about anything. They have failed in nearly every part of their mission except this one of making every government bankrupt and owe them fantastic sums. Now these chaps can throw newspaper chains through one of their numbers. Sir, I don't know if it Sir, but it's Cecil King and these newspaper chains go down into Southern Africa, they go into Australia, they go into, of course, all parts of the world, and this newspaper chain was what was being used to try to give us a bad name. It was very interesting that the only effort they ever made was simply to discredit us. That is what they could be counted upon to do, is simply discredit us and discredit the workability. There is no faintest doubt in their minds but that our technology does work, because many other such activities as subub** and so forth have gone on unmolested by them. It is only the intensely workable technology of Scientology which has attracted their eye. They have collected rather interesting files on us, our people and organizations, and their orders concerning what to do about this is part of their files. It all makes very interesting reading. We, of course, have full copies of their files. It was, of course, their bad luck to tangle with someone who had been trained in the field of intelligence. My, the allied governments, which is myself, and they had insufficient security and insufficient loyalty amongst their own people to keep out the intelligence agents, which we sent in against them. That is a very cloak and dagger activity, which is more or less over at this time.

We have however our own files on them and a corrupt lot they are. I think we probably have enough to discredit them utterly, if we ever published what we knew. But our position with regard to this dozen fellows, I think they number about ten really, our... count in a couple of their major henchmen and you have a dozen. I think probably that they will never be successful at anything – Suppressives seldom are. Gradual inflation is leading them forward to where even their own personal fortunes will probably be eclipsed in the debacle which they themselves are manufacturing. Gradual inflation of money will, of course, make theirs worthless too.

Now, these people are not our major objective, we are not even vaguely dedicated to their destruction. Otherwise we long since would have utilized the information which we have on them. If you were driving a fire engine toward a raging fire and some cur dogs rushed out to bark at your wheels, I don't think you would stop and begin to fight the cur dogs, unless you were quite mad of course. And that is our position. There is a fire which we are on route to put out and this is the line we are traveling and this other is merely a side show, which has been impeding and has made the work relatively difficult. It is rather hard to drive with a dozen cur dogs getting in underneath your wheels and around and about the fire engine.



There is an audio recording of part of RJ67 and some other data here:



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RJ67 was frequently played for Sea Org staff. It does include information on the track of the World bankers and the 12 enemies here now and throughout history. I am trying to find an audio and full transcript of it.

Good MP3 version on Jean-Luc Barbier's website:


Tape1 8 minutes in for the '12 bankers'
Tape2 12 minutes in for '75 million years ago..'

If you want to download them, the DownloadHelper addon for Firefox will do the trick.

There is a transcript on the old Freezone CD, which has been on Bittorrent since 2006.
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Has there been a leak of Flag Orders? How about CBO's or other SO issues?
I remeber seeing an issue for the CMO about posting fair, attractive people to the CMO.
Anyone remeber this?



The person who told me about Xenu wasn't really very far up on the bridge, or in the Sea Org. But he had a couple of friends who were.

When he told me the Xenu story he also went on and on about Jews having control of the world, all the banks, politicians, Hollywood, the media and so on.

He didn't tell me Xenu was OTIII, he stopped short of that. I figured he was a drama queen and nuts.:confused2:

But what he told me sure supports Aaron as far as I'm concerned.

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Aaron explains that in the 2nd video. Also per what L. Ron Hubbard said about blacks, gays, chinese and several other groups of people you might think they wouldn't be allowed to join the cult either, let alone want to.


Of course we all know that the only real crime in scientology is not giving the cult money.

Thanks, LB. Ya, I re-listened to the 2nd vid. CRAZY stuff, huh? How could ANY SO Member STAY after listening to these vids now, huh? (I know, I know, some of them that do watch these.. they'll simply 'disagree' with them, 'deny' them, 'justify' them, blablablaaaa :eyeroll: )


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I've listened to RJ 67 several times while on staff during the 1980's. As I was reading part of the transcript just now the very ending sounded strange to me where Hubbard says:
"Goodbye for now. I will see you up the line at the other end of the

It sounds as though he is leaving and won't be back in touch with his audience until they've traveled all the way up the bridge. Or am I misinterpreting this?


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Now the 'Church' should strike while the iron's *hot*!!!

Release Battlefield Earth II!

As most of you should know, Travolta's 'Battlefield Earth' is only the *first* half of Ron's book. The second part tells the story of the Intergalactic Bankers who are behind it all.



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We need all those 'Sea Org Orders' and LRH advice's leaked.. I recall a whole bunch of 'Guardian Orders' which we need in the public domain too..

That's not a hidden data line in Scientology! - That's several hidden data lines!

Someone needs to do a reverse Snow White..

Yeah.. I know.. Easy said.. And I didn't do it.. But it still needs to be done!