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ABC News: Scientology shatters families and enforces Disconnection!

Discussion in 'Fair Game and Disconnection Victims' started by Knows, Mar 17, 2014.

  1. Enthetan

    Enthetan Master of Disaster

    It doesn't matter what you or anybody thinks about what Lisa may have intended. In the absence of explicit instructions from Lisa (before her death) or the executor of her estate (after her death), taking $60K from her account is Grand Larceny (as well as forgery if they signed her name to a check), and whoever did it, for whatever motive, is guilty of a crime and should go to prison.
  2. HelluvaHoax!

    HelluvaHoax! Platinum Meritorious Sponsor with bells on

    That ranks as one of your most pathetic posts of all time.

    Waiting for me to tell a joke?

    Okay, then re-read what you have written. You're the punchline to the sadistic joke that is Scientology.

    Keep applying your tech there Commander. You're doing so much good for the world.

    Hey, if you can get into an Army Surplus store, you can pick up some medals to give yourself too.




    archie was a fictional flea who typed a body of work on a typewriter by leaping down onto the keys but he didn't have enough body mass for the shift key so his work was entirely lower case. archie is largely forgotten now but he was popular in his time and well worth dredging up


    most literate people who would list the five best american poets of the twentieth century would include him. he wrote mostly in lower case and this greatly amplified the power and meaning of his sparing use of upper case. it is his work which has made the use of lower case very very common among modern poets

    and s it happens...

    cummings was my childhood neighbor living in silver lake new hampshire, one of the two villages of the town of madison where my grandmother was the town librarian. not only that but his father was for twenty years the pastor of my church in boston

    but his work is so significant one need not have m sort of connection to the man to use poetic liscence to viciously abuse case, punctuation, grammar and syntax...

    i'll patch in one his poems on the 15 minute computers. stay tune...
  4. thanx for punching in on the challenge ITYIWT; you preserve the honor of the left side of the aisle which is quite stymied by the challenge...

    while active i never became an actor for the church (i respect your right to call it a cult. i do not.). i had an uncommonly highly developed sense of personal integrity before i began the study and examined the critical material closely so i was quite familiar with much so many of you were surprised to learn only after you left. yes. i had to be careful about what i said, most especially after i joined staff and from the start i suspected my tenure in CoS was likely to prove temporary. nonetheless the subject of auditing was then and remains not just intriguing but compelling

    with lisa the material fact remains that she made the subject her life work. and you are all cordially invited to dispute my statement that to use her wrongful death to attack and attempt to destroy her life's work is work is vile and ignoble


    or perhaps, writing in braille for the sake of the blind, i should say...

  5. Lamb

    Lamb Patron with Honors

    so, are you saying that outpaying for defense and shenanigans with those who testify makes all of this just ancient history???:no: Your blinders are unbelievable......
  6. Churchill

    Churchill Gold Meritorious Patron

    Thank you, Lamb.

    Check, please!
  7. scientology is an applied religious philosophy known to be effective when properly used to relieve EII (emotionally induced illness) and generate higher levels of awareness...

    as far as public law and societal standards are concerned the wrongful death of lisa mcpherson has received not only full and proper address but it has generated far more bad publicity for the culpable organization than any wrongful death in history other than the nazarene's

    it is a closed case

    a poster child is a common feature of a protest movement. lisa is ideally suited to be a poster child. it strikes me as odd that you would highlight in red my observation that such use would be inappropriate if her family objected to it because so far as i know HH you yourself promote such a standard of civility

    not only that HH...

    squirm and howl as you will, deny ignore and object at length, hold yur breath until you turn black in the face...

    in your heart of heats you yourself know that to attempt to use lisa's wrongful death to attack and destroy the subject that she loved and her life's work is vile and ignoble
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2014
  8. i'm not wearing any blinders lamb

    what the CoS defense team did to joan wood is despicable and detestable and should be given far more attention by critics than it receives. she resigned from her career as a medical examiner a few months later in her fifties and died in her sixties and one suspects she died of a broken heart. CoS conduct is our societal standard in our adversaial system of jurisprudence. i am among those who considers such conduct in court cases inappropriate or those who are committed to religious ideals

    but it is a closed case
  9. Lamb

    Lamb Patron with Honors

    Case closed for you and the court system--that does not make the verdict correct or right. The verdict was the result of tons of $$ not based on the facts alone. Pretend it is all over and sleep well at night and that's fine if that is what you want to do, but do not preach to the outraged over this murder.
  10. lisa was not murdered

    and what objection do you have to the verdict?
  11. a favorite pom by e. e. cummings...

    a clown's smirk in the skull of a baboon
    where once good lips stalked or eyes firmly stirred
    my mirror gives me on this afternoon
    i am a shape which can but eat and turd
    ere with dirt death shall vastly gird
    a coward waiting clumsily to cease
    whom every perfect thing meanwhile doth miss
    a hand's impression in an empty glove
    a soon forgotten tune, a house for lease
    i have never loved you dear as now i love

    behold this fool who in the month of june
    rose very slowly in a tight balloon
    until the smallening world became absurd
    him did an archer spy whose aim had erred never
    and by that little trick or this
    he hot the aeronaut down into the abyss
    and wonderfully i fell through the green goove
    of twilight striking into many a piece
    i have never loved you dear as now i love

    god's terrible face brighter than a spoon
    collects the image of one fatal word
    so that my life which liked the sun and the moon
    resembles something which has not occurred
    i am birdcage without any bird
    a collar looking for a dog; a kiss
    without lips; a prayer lacking any knees
    yet something beats within this shirt to prove
    he is undead who living no one is
    i have never love you dear as now i love

    hell, by most humble me which shall increase
    open thy fire
    for i have known bliss of one small lady
    upon the earth above to whom
    i cry remembering her face
    i have never loved you dear as now i love
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2014
  12. TrevAnon

    TrevAnon Big List researcher

    I misread the first m for r and n :omg: :biggrin:
  13. xenuphobe

    xenuphobe New Member

    Commander -
    #1 -There is NO statute of limitation on murder ! :duh:
    It is not a closed case in the eyes of those of us who have an ethical conscience to keep it alive,
    at least until the murderers are brought to justice !

    #2 - It has NOT received FULL and PROPER address !

    #3 - It has NOT generated enough bad PR = YET !

    lisa 1.jpg

    Some of us never did hand our ethics over to the Co$
    so you tell me - who are the most ethical beings on the Planet ?
  14. MrNobody

    MrNobody Who needs merits?

    ... said the man who is too weak/scared to ever take his blinders off.

    Indeed. IMO, thanks to the various shenanigans of the cult of Scientology.
  15. i edited in the "e" but i do have some favorite poms also
  16. i am quite sure you are from a different branch of the family than sir winston
  17. i am not wearing blinders. i read all material published and give responses which clearly demonstrate intelligent comprehension of said material and you are among those who are too weak and scared to respond to the statement that to attempt to use lisa's wrongful death to attack and destroy the subject which she loved and made her life's work is a vile and ignoble act
  18. no there is no statute of limitation on murder

    and there is no reason to believe lisa was murdered

    if there is further address required would you be so kind as to state what it would be?

    yes. many of us never handed our ethics over to CoS and i am one of them

    the most ethical beings on the planet are probably the dung beetles
  19. Churchill

    Churchill Gold Meritorious Patron

    I never hold discussions with the monkey when the organ grinder is in the room.
  20. CoS is an organ grinder and this here monkey ain't on their leash