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ABC News: Scientology shatters families and enforces Disconnection!

Discussion in 'Fair Game and Disconnection Victims' started by Knows, Mar 17, 2014.

  1. Ogsonofgroo

    Ogsonofgroo Crusader

    Dead women manning up? Who'd have thunk such a thing... Really though, any supposition on someone passed over...

  2. grrr...EAT!!! link JB...



    check out that link to the CoS investigation into the lawyer who got the thing going...


    they probably speaketh sooth when they tag him as an ambulance-chaser

    hey CoS!

    who gives a fuck if he was an ambulance chaser?

    what difference does it make if the member of lisa's family he hooked up with scarcely knew lisa and was acting for purely mercenary reasons?

    you still screwed the pooch bigtime ya freakin' dorkbrains and your "expose" is aught but feral cunning...
  3. Winston Smith

    Winston Smith Flunked Scientology

    I thunk there be a personage on this forum who does not quite get it.
  4. well yes...

    however you are an intelligent person winnie. as someone once noted "not all intelligent people are conservatives but conservatives are always intelligent people".

    if sure if you reread the post a couple times and maybe do some 2WC with the crazy old hippie you will "get it"

    it is, after all, conservatives who are most enamored of the civility and dignity of the noble forms and for someone to use the fatal fuckups of a small number of people brutishy misapplying questionable policy to assault the lifework of the decedent mark said person as ignorant and/or scurrilous
  5. Gib

    Gib Crusader


    Lisa is locked up in a room, people don't know what to do really, but follow hubbardology,
    meanwhile she needs medical attention, food and water, and most important of all love, affinity, and some communication.

    Funny, hubbardology is supposedly about affinity, communication and reality.

    And in the meantime, there are people in auditing rooms down the hall supposedly decreasing the entheta theta ratio, having wins.
  6. we don't know just what lisa needed

    she sure as hell didn't need to be locked in a room and held incommunicado

    holding people incommunicado is one of CoS's WORST offenses. even with those people in the hole who are there with their consent (the authorities have more than once have answered appeals by outsiders to go in and offer such release and been told by the penitents themselves they willingly defer to CoS authority. and other religions have done the same so there is precedent. i will NOT condone it personally) shouldn't be held incommunicado
  7. Gib

    Gib Crusader

    no offense, CB

    could you rewrite that what you wrote so I can understand it, so I can get your viewpoint. It may take a few postings.
  8. hmmm...

    well gibby, i'll try

    the post looks fairly straightforward to me

    of course for anyone to truly get my viewpoint they would have to have

  9. Gib

    Gib Crusader

    It's not straight forward to me.

    Shall I repeat the auditing command? LOL
  10. Winston Smith

    Winston Smith Flunked Scientology

    Second note to self: The Commander is more interested in stats (he wants his next star) than "communicating."

    For those who follow my notes to myself, the first note said:

    Note to self: The Commander is upset.

    If you care all that much, you will have to search among my 3,500 or so posts.
  11. once i got my third star i figured i was on the block at esmb and have't paid much attetion since winnie

    and one of the problems with this format is one can dub-in inflection while reading posts


    the commander is far from upset. the commander is quite delighted to have ponied up an exceptionally piquant citation of the eternal verites
  12. Winston Smith

    Winston Smith Flunked Scientology

    Oh but you WERE pissed when I wrote that. I remember. But at the moment I don't recall why you were upset. Maybe you could audit that and bring me "back" to that moment on my whole track. :giggle:
  13. i'm in a library gib. i get a one hour slot and then i get to cycle through 15 minute windows on the express computers

    i got another 7;20 to continue my response to your request so i won't be able to finish elaborating on
    "we don't know what lisa needed


    the shit really hits the fan when she turns ecdysiast (a word coined by h. l. mencken to desribe gypsy rose lee) stripping in public


    lisa was then apparently displaying conduct born of an abnormal psychological condition. but there was apparently some sort of abnormal condition developing with her over a few months. she'd gotte pretty spacey a few times and this was not usual for her.


    back soon
  14. what are you talking about?

    when did you think i was pissed?

    hit the rwq button on it and let's have a look at it winnie...
  15. so anyway...

    i don't think lisa was usually a space cadet, i think she was an a-ticket hot shit. she had to be to be a full time scientologist for years and have $60K in the bank. the lady knew how to take care of herself. and she'd been working on some serious CoS projects (which of course made CoS very antsy about the idea of her getting out of their direct area of control. especially in an agitated state)


    she'd been getting a bit spacey now and then...

    so if you round up the usual suspects the first two you grab are menopause and/or garden variety stress/cognitive dissonance.

    body chemistry was probably a contributing factor and life always stressful but having a remarkably rich personal experience with abnormal psychology myself (and also being a solid high performing down and dirty hot shit myself) i suspect there were some uncommon and even esoteric fctors involved with her

  16. ...soon

    ...and even esoteric factors involved with her dilemma.


    from this distance in time and space we don't know what she really needed


    holding her incommunicado was wrong

    as far as i'm concerned it would be wrong even if it had worked and it might have worked. she was in the middle of what can plausibly be termed "a psychotic break" even though i consider this term loahesome. but one thing we do know about "psychotic breaks" is that if you were basically ok before it started you re almost certain to recover unless you are prevented from recovering. the psychs have very substantially reformed their ways. they now have "stabilize and release" policy. used to be if they got their hands on you they could brand you as a nut and warehouse you


    one of the things about lisa's case is that it shows CoS just don't fukkin' understand their own materials

    so does this help you better understand the statement "we don't know what lisa needed" or does it just add to your confusion gibby?
  17. all right...

    now what's not to understand about "holding people incommunicado is one of CoS's worst offenses"?

    CoS should be all about auditing and auditor training

    all right...

    yes, an "office of special affairs" is a proper and natural department of the executive division. but they want to do special ops outside the usual portfolio for a church. they want to send the pequod out to kill the great white whale...

    and that's not a real tough literary allusion gibby though it does take a little bit of sophistication to grasp. i hope you recognize that the pequod and the great white whale allude to melville's immortal "moby dick" but don't go feeling as if i'm talking down to you if you didn't. and even if you did recognize the allusion you might have to think about to see how captain ahab is a fitting metaphor for the OSA...

    any more questions gibby?
  18. time to sleep...

    hasta manana amigos y amigas
  19. Gib

    Gib Crusader

    no, you answered it.

    the pyschs and the COS don't know shit, but they sure claim to know.

    PS. I don't know either.

    For if I claimed to know, like Hubbardology (scientology), I too could make a million dollars.
  20. Enthetan

    Enthetan Master of Disaster

    Once one accepts the premise that Scn is the "last hope for the world", that if Scn fails then that is the doom of all persons everywhere, then lots of things logically follow from that. Things like criminal neglect, theft, murder, genocide -- any crime is permissible if doing it is perceived as advancing Scn.

    From my earlier readings of the case, the reason Lisa died was that taking care of her and ensuring her well-being was not part of anybody's stat, and so she was neglected unto death.