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ABC News: Scientology shatters families and enforces Disconnection!

Discussion in 'Fair Game and Disconnection Victims' started by Knows, Mar 17, 2014.

  1. Type4_PTS

    Type4_PTS Diamond Invictus SP

    I just wish to point out for anyone following this thread that here in the State of Florida, there is NO statute of limitations on ANY felony leading to a death.

    One doesn't have to bring murder charges in order to re-open this case as was suggested in the post above.

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  2. i didn't know that pitsy...

    thank you for mentioning it

    however, although theoretically you could, for instance, point to the insect bites and attempt to charge criminal negligence to reopen the case...

    that just ain't gonna happen and even if it did CoS lawyers could scotch it quickly and easily

    it's a closed case pitsy. it ain't no way never gonna get reopened

    but you still have a pretty girl eminently suited for the role of poster child of a protest movement. and what i am pointing out to you all is that inasmuch as lisa made scientology her life's work you MUST not use her wrongful death to attempt to destroy her life's work because this violates the noble standards of those people you are most interested in addressing


    and this will make many of you uncomfortable because it serves to make scn work better, you have to use her to force CoS to reform it's policies and practices


    protest movements...


    protesters can be so stoooo-pid!

    a few years back i was driving cab in bahhstin one sunday morning and i was sent to pick up a warm and charming cafe-au-lait woman from the carribean who happened to be blind. she wanted to go to mass at the big catholic cathedral in the south end on washington street. we got there and i pulled up to the curb, hopped out and went around to open her door and take her on my arm. as it happens there was a well known catholic protest group picketing and shouting slogans and calling for the removal of bernard law. when the woman got out the cab they saw her white cane and realizing she was blind...

    they immediately began to shout much louder

    is that fukkin' brilliant or what?

    the more intelligence and civility you all bring to your, and in fact our, protests the more effective the protest will be

    CoS is in crisis and i can't believe it will be much longer before DM will no longer be able to deny it
  3. i never accepted that premise ET. on the other hand...

    no one else has done more to force psychiatric reform and there's a lot more than that which it brings table

    that last sentence is a bit wifty though. o yeah. stats are ludicrously influential in CoS. the org board does have a medical officer hat (and just as an aside, any group of more than five people doing anything should have one person who holds the MO hat) and it is actually astonishing that such a large installation as clearwater didn't have the post covered better than that...



    the MO hat is neglected because it doesn't directly add to this weeks CGI

    i take back the "wifty"
  4. Type4_PTS

    Type4_PTS Diamond Invictus SP

    You certainly have a right to express your opinion, even after demonstrating your ignorance of Florida law.
  5. George Layton

    George Layton Silver Meritorious Patron

    Of all the wrongs brought down on people in scientology beit disconnection, fraud, child abuse, child labor, misleading teachings,incorrect information, torture, lies all of it, the most harmful element inscientology is the tech. It is the quasi-hypnotic base that all the otherabuses are enabled by. By breaking down the barriers of the auditee’s will itopens the person up to the influence and control of scientology, making theperson more susceptible to fabricated information, policy and peer influences. It brings about a mindstate that justifies and accepts abuse and unethical behavior.
    Lisa was duped and misled by an organization’s mind alteringsessions. She was lied to and taken advantage of like so many others. She wasfed more and more quasi-hypnotic sessions, while being pushed to a mental breakthat led to her death because of the organizations rules of conduct for aperson brought to her state of mind. Brought to her state of mind by yourprecious tech. How much more vile does an organization and all the mind fuckthat comes along with it have to become before it can be described as vile?
    Vile and ignoble is remembering Lisa’s dedication toscientology as praise worthy, when her heart went out to others and those othersused it, tainted it and then threw it out. Scientology is vile and ignoble andthe tech is the bane of anyone involved therein.
  6. i'm no longer ignorant of florida law, thank you pitsy

    now do you have a different opinion?

    i mean really, what would be the point of trying to reopen the case?

    who would take any interest in trying to reopen it?
  7. george, you're welcome to your opinion of the tech but you can't sell it to me. i walked away from CoS 40 years ago because of outpoints far less serious than has been brought to light in recent years but over these forty years i've worked many many wonders by reason of what i learned studying and practicing the tech

    the tech does not involve hypnosis. that is expressly forbidden in SOS nor have i ever used hypnosis. i do have some reason to believe hypnosis has been used on me, possibly as part of a program of fairgaming me but i don't use it


    despite the fact that CoS abuses are a significant factor in the wrongful death of my own son (!) i'm still going to say tech works because it does
  8. Type4_PTS

    Type4_PTS Diamond Invictus SP

    Yes, I have a different opinion.

    I can clearly envision a scenario in which the case IS reopened.

    Nothing I care to discuss on a public message board.

    It would be for the same point that any case is tried.

  9. pitsy, if you want to work with folks acting to reopen her case i hope you and they have a lot of fun working on it; i hope you'll be process oriented rather than goal oriented because even if you achieve your goal you can't do anything to any of the tens of thousands of active full-time scientologists who are entirely innocent of anything whatsoever involving lisa

    what sort of justice do you think could be gained? maybe you coukl find one two or three people at clearwater who did something wrong and exact some small punishment on them. what more than that could you hope to achieve?
  10. Type4_PTS

    Type4_PTS Diamond Invictus SP

    I never expressed an intention to "work with folks acting to reopen her case", and won't be involved in it.

    See my earlier answer, re-posted below. (try using more clay this time)

    I'm done here in this thread.
  11. well, don't worry, i'm not gonna stick a fork in ya...

    catch ya later...
  12. so this thread has gone quiet has it?

    not surprising

    "discretion is the better part of valor"

    "choose the hills you fight on"


    i didn't sucker punch you with playing this card. i showed you all i had it in my hand in a post back in october of 2012

    it is a hell of a strong card too. to use lisa's death to assault her life's work is foul play

    and y'all know it's true so you skirmished in good order; y'all returned fire and withdrew

    the withdrawal is tacit acknowledgement you recognize the veracity of your opponent's stance

    but this is a tactical victory for commander birdsong and you are now obliged to be en garde because cmdr BS has displayed a zest for exploiting a tactical advantage in the past. if you recall when anonycat threw down a gantlet on me i opened the "aononycat?" thread and parlayed the tactical victory on that thread into the fierce engagement on balthasar's thread...



    i'm going to press this new advantage

    here i come...

    not immediately, but soon...

    prepare to gimme yer best game...
  13. o man...

    i got in some good licks on monday and yesterday babe i was shootin' from the hip

    then i come in today and over on the "sexual fantasy" thread winston smith just kicked commander birdsong's ass


    i could recover and sustain a gnu offensive but...

    that shot i took today really landed on my g-spot

    besides i got other things to work on

    so all you folks who get miffed about the birdsong ouerve on esmb have a new hero

    see y'all later...