ABC Oz Poll - Should the CoS have charitable status?


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I do not believe that the Church of Scientology does any genuine charitable activities. Because of the tax-exemption the Australian Government is effectively subsidising and perpetuating the continuing abuses.

update: Poll is now closed

Question 513

Should the Church of Scientology have charitable status?

Yes 3%
No 97%
3410 votes counted
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...and counting

Sunday evening: 96% NO. That is a very strong statement! I am beginning to believe that a new dawn of The Truth About $cientology is upon us. :thumbsup:


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The words "charitable" and "scientology" in the same paragraph always makes me laugh.

I've notified my people who are getting onto a shitload of other people.

We all met on the internet. :omg:

Vote "no" now people!