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KRV PROFILES: Jim McMullan By Elise Modrovich

Jim McMullan is a triple threat: a prolific character actor, artist and writer whose career in all three mediums has spanned almost 60 years, and he’s not done yet. Born in Long Beach, Long Island, 20 minutes from New York City in the late 1930s, McMullan recalls, “It was an amazing place to grow up, surrounded by water, near Jones Beach. I had great friends, played sports, worked as a lifeguard, and was always building things, creating and inventing.” That explains why he went off to NYU and Parsons to learn more about art, design and architecture.

1968 was a lucky year for McMullan personally as well. He met Helene, the love of his life and the woman who would be his wife for coming on 50 years. “My girlfriend at the time invited both Helene and I to a party at Liberty Records. There was an instant spark. I went to do Downhill Racer, came back, and we’ve been together ever since.” Always on a quest for the path to enlightenment, McMullan briefly explored the world of Scientology.

“I was doing a lot of transcendental meditation with Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert, and heard about this brand new ‘Celebrity Center’ L. Ron Hubbard was starting in Hollywood. I decided to try it out. Helene joined too. The whole point was to be ‘clear’ and not get dragged down by the mind, which I thought was fascinating.” McMullan took courses, rose in the ranks, got “cleared” at the highest level, and was being groomed to teach others, until he and Helene married in 1970 and wanted to honeymoon in Switzerland. “They said no. They were scared to let us go away. So we quit.”

Undaunted, the McMullans have continued pursuing their lifelong spiritual quest, following teachers, pathways and practices, always “looking for the light to come on.”

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Scientology publicized Jim McMullen's brief involvement big time, back then.
Also William S. Burroughs and Christopher Reeve were publicly announced as Scientologists.

But, for some reason, when they end their involvement, as most do, the announcement of their departure somehow always seems to get lost in the mail.