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Yes. I saw that. I remember those years as a true believer. It's hard to watch.

You believed in helping others and personal growth. That the method or path you followed to get there was faulty in hinesight does not change that.

Maybe there is alsoo mourning the loss of innocence what you feel ?

Good twin

Don't try too hard denying yourself the good memories you have of those times along with the bad stuff.

you've earned it no doubt to own anyting good that you had or did or feel back in those days

Of course and thank you for posting. It's just hard to watch. I appreciate everything I have experienced because that has led me here. There is no place I'd rather be.

You guys are so funny. I love you too.:p


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Shiona Fox-Ness

Appropriate name for her.

Whats she up to these days out of the fold of Scn?

Is she still Fox-ness

or back to a Fox?



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Watched the video...

Earnest people.

Good intentions.

A question continually floated in the back of my mind while viewing it.

What went wrong? Or maybe, more correctly, what was wrong with this whole scene of good folks working in harmony to do good in the world?

Viewed from 2011, we have the eerie benefit of knowing not only what they were thinking & feeling, but what was just ahead if the film could have been fast-forwarded.

Giving them much credit for what they did know, what they did not know was rather staggering, to be honest.

They did not know that a train was coming down the track and headed directly for them in what would be a rather spectacular collision. That train was, remarkably, the same thing they were so fondly and ambitiously giving every ounce of their reasoned and unwavering support to...

The tech.

Ron's tech.

His tech that included willful and knowing attack, coercion, lies, fraud, terrorism, criminality and fair game.

They didn't see that coming.

A blind spot extraordinaire.

It was steaming down the track and zeroing in them, their precious tech, their ARC and their trusting belief that Ron and his tech were good and worked.

Although it is easy to joke about it, there is real pathos embedded in this time capsule.

Had but the vaunted tech actually worked, the world (and these fine people's lots in life) would have fared far better.

It felt, however, like a latter-day Woodstock where some of the glowy-eyed celebrants were, quiet uknowingly, soon to be shipped off to Vietnam to meet their own doomed immortality.

In my own military service to Scientology, I shared foxholes with these fine people. It is still bewildering to me, having seen the horrors of Scientology wars that we all witnessed up close, that so many of them volunteered for additional tour of duties and continue to this very day!
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Thanks, AnonKat for both of these videos. Brought back a lot of memories of AAC that were great. It also reminded me of the absolute terror and hate that is possible in mankind imposed on everyone including those of us that were part of AAC as public. One doesn't escape this evil just being a public person. You can still see this on Marty's site not to mention CofS.


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I also enjoyed the film, and as I left in 1980 it was similar in the way people used to speak about "going up the brigde" and "their next step".
Back then people really did believe that OT powerz were achievable, as did I.
Yes, it was a bit like a 'love-in' with them all sitting there layed back with their shoes off etc.
People really did believe thay were creating a better world, and that was often an exhilarating feeling to be part of that.
If it were only possible to travel back in time and warn them of what lay ahead of them.
The way that one American woman speaks reminds me of how execs and 'important' people used to talk. Very convinced of themselves.
They also beliieved to be some of the 'chosen few', who were way superior to anything outside. You can the smugness in their faces. :yes:
Oh yes...those were the days..:whistling: