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Advanced Training Course and some Advanced Procedures


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Only delivered at Saint Hill Colleges (SH level orgs) or at Flag Service Org:

HSS (Hubbard Senior Scientologist) - Class VI - Saint Hill Special Breifing Course (SHSBC) - A training program to teach A) all of Dianetics and Scientology non-advanced level technology, in order of development and B) To train an auditor to deliver all procedures and rundowns below Grade V (including NED).
This is the big mamma jamma of all courses. All books. All tapes. All procedures.
To take this you must have completed either A) all training through Class V or B) Be a clear or OT who has taken all trianing below Class 0.
Class VI Internship perfects the skills of .. you get the idea on internships I hope ...
HGA (Hubbard Graduate Auditor) - Class VII Auditor course - only available to staff or Sea Org. Trains a person to deliver Grades V and VA, Power and Power Plus processing
Class VII Internship

Only Delivered at Advanced Orgs or FSO:
HSST (Hubbard Specialist of Standard Tech) Class VIII - Ability to handle all cases to 100 percent Standard results, deliver advanced procedures and corretive actions. (I believe this is where you learn to deliver OT IV).
Class VIII Internship

Only Delivered at FSO:
(Must be Sea Org Staff at AO or FSO)
HAC Specialist (Hubbard Advanced Course Specialist) - Class IX - Ability to deliver OT V (NOTs - Second Wall of Fire) and all review actions through OT VII.

(Must be Sea Org staff at FSO)
Class X Auditor - Ability to audit L10*
Class X Internsip
Class XI Auditor
- Ability to deliever L11
Class XI Internship
Class XII AUditor
- Ability to deliver L12
Class XII Internship

*L10 - Addresses reasons one withholds oneself and can increase ability to reach (supposedly lol)
L11 - New Life Rundown - Addresses areas where one introverts and the things that diminish one's power, supposed to deliver a new level of rationality
L12 - Flag OT Executive Rundown - Increased Stability, certainty and control of beingness