Advice on suing Scientology for repayment/refund


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Hello, I was wondering if anyone could recommend a lawyer in the L.A. area who has experience in getting repayments/refunds from Scientology and who charges reasonable fees or gets their fee from any potential settlement.

Specifically, I am seeking repayment of monies on account and for prepaid courses (unused or not completed), plus refund for materials bought recently that are brand new and still unopened in the shipping boxes.

I have not attempted to go through the standard routing procedure as it has been indicated that it would either be futile and also unlikely they would take back any materials bought.

At the moment, I am still in good standing with the Church. I am also curious as to what to expect if I do sue Scientology for repayments/refunds. Would I be subject to continual harassment, or would they settle quietly and leave me alone as long as I leave them alone?

Any advice would be appreciated.