After no calls for weeks, I get a call to survey me about Sea Org recruitment


Patron with Honors
I haven't talked to a Sea Org member in quite a while. Randomly, I got a call tonight from a Sea Org Recruitment Officer at AOLA. Thought you guys would be

1) For you specifically, what qualities would be the most appealing in a job or career?
Money and freedom of schedule. I work for the weekend.

2) What would be the least desirable qualities in a job or career?
Working with unpleasant people. I've worked with some real unsavory types, and I don't like it.

3) What aspects of being in the Sea Org are the least desirable to you?
The constant flap handling.
"Well now we have a new training program where we execs are studying and FDSing the Data series so they can actually apply it and manage the org properly."

4) In your opinion, what would be the most appealing aspects to being in the Sea Org?
I guess the sense of purpose, and the closeness that comes from feeling a common purpose with your friends.

5) What qualities or characteristics do you like to see the most in your close friends?

Frankness and honesty.

6) When making a difficult decision who do you normally go to for advice?
Not really anybody. I make my own choices.
"That's per the Code of Honor. Pick your own council. Be your own guide (or something like that)."

7) What characteristic do you like to see the least in a person?
Insincerity. I don't like people who say one thing and mean another or misrepresent themselves.

8) What quality do you like to see most in a Sea Org member?
Not stat-pushy, more focused on products.

9) How can see org recruitment be improved?
Don't recruit Class V org staff. My org still has a whole on the org bd where I used to be.

10) What needs to be handled immediately as far as planetary problems or social ills.
Not a concern. I don't read the paper or really worry about the "state of the planet" anymore. No more 4th Dynamic ruin, I guess.

11) What needs to be done to handle this?

12) What is the most valuable product you can bring about or attain this lifetime?
My own full experiences.

13) What would be the most effective action you could take to achieve this?
Not second-guessing or talking myself out of things?

14) What would be the best career action you could take to achieve this?
My school program I'm going through now is Massage Therapy.

15) What's the one thing that matters to you more than anything else?
My own autonomy. I've worked hard to live my life the way I want and nobody can take that away from me.

16) What would you gain if you were to join the Sea Org?
I don't see any sequence of events that could possibly lead me back.

17) Are you still a Scientologist?

This spawned a long talk about a lot of stuff. I lobbed a little bit of gentle entheta his way about a couple of nice points: Basics rerelease, Ideal Orgs (as opposed to St Hill Size), and also we talked about how I knew people who'd busted their asses for the SO only to get declared. I tried to keep the entheta gentle because he honestly seemed like a really nice guy. He didn't have the LRH comm cycle, instead just had a real conversation with me. I knew I had him stumped though when all he could do was ask me again and again to watch the release event. Hopefully I didn't enturbulate him too much. I liked him a lot.

I do wonder how I got on the ASHO list considering I've never had any connection with them. And the same day that I post my tell-all story from inside Scn. Maybe OSA?