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This website is fabulous. I have posted quite a few posts regarding my experience in Scientology and the Sea Org. There are those that liked my posts and those that have been extremely critical. And of course this is as it should be. Not everyone had a good experience with the movement and there are those that have had very good experiences. I of course had good and bad experiences. In my previous post I said that LRH brought spirituality to the Western World and I received a lot of negative comments from this post, like he was a Johnny come lately, so be it. There were probably plenty more but for me I did not even know what spirituality was before Scientology.
I did not know anything about re-incarnation and for me this is probably the major stuff I got from Scientology. Religion and spirituality is not the same thing, nowhere near. Having said that, I now no longer care about L Ron Hubbard. That personality is gone, never to return as that identity. I have moved on, I no longer give a damn about Miscaviage or Scientology. Of course the disconnection policy is horrendous but shit happens on this planet and will continue to happen. As I have mentioned spirituality has been THE stuff I received from Scientology, basically the knowledge about spirituality.
Today there are 2 scientific schools about life and livingness both at opposite ends of the spectrum; there is the one which gives us Materialism and upward causation and the other that gives us Consciousness and downward causation. In the materialist version it is all physics and happened as follows; first there was matter then came life and then consciousness. In the 2nd one Consciousness was first then there was life and then came matter or something to that extent. Today life, livingness and spirituality are scientific subjects being taught by professors and doctors in some universities in the USA. There has been a great deal of research into spirituality. With the discovery of quantum physics it has allowed science to enter the field of spirituality although the materialist school reject this.
Problems we are experiencing on the planet today such as the global credit crunch, pollution and war to name a few, are being blamed on materialist physics and materialist economics by those scientists involved in research into spirituality and consciousness. There is even a new economics called “Spiritual Economics” whose author says it will save Capitalism. If you are interested you can read about it at this link http://www.amitgoswami.org/spiritual-economics/#more-190
And the later article entitled “Does Spiritual Economics Save Capitalism” at this link; http://www.amitgoswami.org/spiritual-economics-solve-capitalisms-current-problems/#more-194
L Ron Hubbard may or may not have been able to do more if he had the latest research into spirituality but it was not available at that time but that time is gone, we are here now at this fabulous period of our lives. The future looks brilliant.
A quote from one of the scientists involved into the research into spirituality is as follows pasted below.

Amit Goswami, PH.D. is professor of physics at the institute of Theoretical Sciences at the University of Oregon. Author of numerous scientific papers and two physics texts, one on quantum mechanics, he is also co-author, with his wife, Maggie Goswami, of The Cosmic Dancers. Richard E. Reed is an author and literary agent.

A critical level of confusion permeates the world today. Our faith in the spiritual components of life - in the vital reality of consciousness, of values, and of God-is eroding under the relentless attack of scientific materialism. On the one hand, we welcome the benefits derived from a science that assumes the materialist world view. On the other hand, this prevailing worldview fails to satisfy our intuitions about the meaningfulness of life.
During the past four hundred years, we have gradually adopted the belief that science can be built only on the notion that everything is made of matter – of so called atoms in the void. We have come to accept materialism dogmatically, despite its failure to account for the most familiar experiences in our lives. In short, we have an inconsistent world view. Our predicament has fueled the demand for a new paradigm - a unifying world view that will integrate mind and spirit into a science. No new paradigm, however, has surfaced.
This book proposes such a paradigm and shows how we can develop a science that embraces the religions of the world, working in concert with them to understand the whole human condition. The centerpiece of this new paradigm is the recognition that modern science validates an ancient idea – the idea that consciousness, not matter, is the ground of all being.
The first part of this book introduces the new physics and a modern version of the philosophy of monistic idealism. On these two pillars, I shall attempt to construct the promised new paradigm, a bridge over the chasm between science and religion. Let there be commerce between the two.